'Sister Wives' Season Finale Recap: Home Birth Shocker!


sister wives baby solomonRelax, relax -- baby Solomon and mom Robyn are healthy and doing fine. It wasn't Solomon's actual birth (which, yes, took place at home) that made the Sister Wives season finale so shocking, it was what happened directly afterward. But I'll wait to talk about that until after the jump, because man, what a SPOILER ALERT!!!

Anyway, no biggie, because there were plenty of surprises that happened before the birth to concern ourselves with now. Like Christine's big reveal about what a hard time she had accepting Robyn into the family. Well, that in and of itself wasn't a huge surprise, but the part about how she felt like she treated Robyn badly was kind of unexpected. I never really noticed her being mean to Robyn, did you? I always thought it was Meri who had the major issues with wife #4.

Which is what made the aforementioned afterbirth event SO SHOCKING!

Okay, here goes. After baby Solomon was born (FYI: Kody was, not surprisingly, a pretty awesome birth coach. You could swear he had experience or something!), and each sibling had a turn holding their new little brother (a fairly lengthy process), Robyn told Kody that she needed to speak to Meri alone. Hmmm ...

What could she have to say to her family's founding wife? I figured it was going to be something like, "Hey, I'm glad we've grown closer over these months and thanks for sticking up for my kids, etc."

But no! Just moments after pushing out yet another member of the Brown family (by the way, those are some damn strong genes Kody has! Kid looks like him already!), Robyn offered her services as a surrogate to the fertility-challenged Meri.

Um ... wow?

Of course Meri cried, and Robyn cried, and the episode ended on a will they or won't they? note, with Robyn assuring Meri that she didn't have to feel pressured to make a decision right away.

Although, you know, if the Sister Wives really want to get picked up for another season ... might not be a bad idea ...

Do you think Robyn should be a surrogate for Meri?

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hutch... hutchfam2007

Meri kept talking about how special her and Robyn's relationship had become before the birth and how very excited she was for solomon and how special he was going to be to her. The offer was totally unexpected to me and very sincere and touching. Robyn was stating earlier in the show about how she had suffered with morning sickness all times of the day all the way through the pregnancy. I can relate to that and for that reason do not think I could endure a surrogacy but she has offered the greatest gift to her sister wife who she loves and I know how much it means for Meri as well. I have to say that I really, really, really hope that Meri takes Robyn up on her offer.

2love 2love

Aw so touching... I hope there's another season!

Kelli Rae Kampff

YES YES YES! What a wonderfull gift Robyn offered.And her and meri are more like real sisters should be.I cried thru the show and for 15 minutes after.How sweet!

SandM... SandMsMama

I love love love that there was a real birth on tv, complete with NO INTERVENTIONS!! Yay for the homebirthing movement!

nonmember avatar emilie

Childbirth should be a PRIVATE, FAMILY TIME, not for all the TV viewers. I turned it off until the very end. So money grubbing.And no, if they do this surrogate, which TLC will pay for, I will not watch any more. I can't stand to watch a year of "all about OUR baby" there are enough shows like that on TV.

mcr17 mcr17

its disgusting that this is a show. its not okay to have multiple wives. and its not okay to show people that this is okay.

nonmember avatar sally dunn

Thought that was super sweet of how Robin offered that and how close her and Mary are. It takes alot to swallow crow so good for Kristin for admiting she was wrong. Shame on Janelle for not going when the baby was born. She couldn't give up one night? Congratulations despite and its nice to see genuine love on tv instead of drama and fighting. I will pray for all of you~I love you if you are green, purple, red, whatever, you all have big hearts and that is what this country needs. God bless

Steph... Steph1499

I think it was wonderful of her to offer that to Meri.  I could not live in as a sister wife but its up to them how to live their lives.  They are not adults marrying children or molesting children like Warren Jeff did so whats the big deal.   I find it just stupid that a man can go father lots of babies with different women and most of the time not pay for any support and its ok but you have a man who sticks by his women and children and he is a bad guy.  I dont get it. I love the Browns

Bonneata Bonneata

Kudus to all natural birth. Been there done that. I thought child birth was amazing .I think it is wonderful gesture to offer to be a surragate mom. I hope she accept the offer I would being that I know how she feels

Bonneata Bonneata

Not being able to get pregnant is a horrible feeling I got lucky with baby #1 I hope and pray for more to come. And btw being a responsible parent by insuring children have stable homes and are brought up with good values is a good thing sister wives or not.

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