Jennifer Aniston Steals Men Better Than Angelina Jolie


jennifer aniston justin therouxWhat with all this Ashton and Demi drama, the rumor mill seems to have taken a rest from churning out Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux gossip. And, because of it, the world just hasn't seemed right. Alas, though, I have an Aniston/Theroux/Bivens tidbit to wet your beak. (The "Bivens" of course refers to Heidi Bivens, Justin's ex, who is/was supposedly heartbroken after Justin ditched her and rode off into the sunset with the former Friends actress.)

Here's the story: Supposedly, according to Grazia magazine, Aniston and Bivens had a "tearful," wine-filled meeting at a hotel in New York. The token "source" of this tale said, "Jen told Heidi that she understands what a painful time she has been going through and explained that she wanted her to know, hand on heart, that she would never steal another woman's man."

Mmm-hmm. Right. Okay. Sure, this meeting -- with these words -- happened. But it does get one thinking: Is Jen handling her man-stealing better than Angelina?

It's a weird question, in and of itself, as, well, it sort of raises another question: Is it possible to handle "stealing someone else's man" with aplomb and grace? My short answer to that would be "no," but if I had to pick, I would say, Jen and Justin have classed it up a little more than Brad and Angelina, post-scandal.

For starters, they haven't done a 200-page spread in a fancy magazine depicting (and foreshadowing) them as the perfect (sexy) family. Jen and Justin also don't constantly appear on the red carpet, hanging on to each other for dear life. And Jen has said, point blank, that she has no plans to get married in the near future.

Now, that's in her defense. Truth be told, the Brad-Jen-Angelina break-up/hook-up is pretty much impossible to top in terms of uncouthness. But Jen's not totally off the hook. She did technically get together with someone who was taken. And if she did have this so-called "meeting" with his ex (which I doubt), well, it's a little icky.

What woman in their right mind would want to sit there with their ex's current, talking about said ex? It sounds dreadful. Horrible. Embarrassing. So, if it does happen to be true (again, doubtful), well, Jen just moved a couple inches closer to Angelina. A couple.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston was wrong to start dating Justin Theroux?


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twoki... twokidsrme

I am so tired of the term "husband stealer." You cannot steal something that doesn't belong to you. My husband is the love of my life. But he doesn't belong to me. I don't belong to him. He would be the first person I would blame if he took off with another woman. Not the other woman. Would I be angry at the other woman? Sure. But I'd be more angry at my husband for choosing to go. There are deeper issues in a relationship if someone decides to cheat/leave. The person cheating/leaving is unhappy for whatever reason. However, they should be mature and respectful enough to either end things or try to work them out before beginning a new relationship. I don't agree with the way Brad and Angelina handled things. However, Angelina didn't steal Brad. He chose to leave. If it hadn't been with Angie, it would have eventually been with someone else. It's always put on the women as being the guilty party, and while she does have culpability, why don't we re-aim our disgust by focusing on the man? More articles around the time of this split were focused on Angelina stealing Brad. Not Brad being a cheater. What? He couldn't say "No. Let me end my other relationship first?" Angelina isn't a husband stealer. Brad earned the scarlet A.

Susie19 Susie19

^^^^twokidsrme..... WELL SAID!! :)

nonmember avatar christina

Twokidsrme nailed it!

nonmember avatar Bunny

I also agree with twokidsrme.

nonmember avatar Guest

Totally agree with you Twokidsrme!

I will also add that the big differences in both stories are 1) Justin and his ex were not married, and 2) by multiple accounts, they split in March - BEFORE he started seeing Jennifer. We have no evidence to say otherwise on point 2 at this point, including nothing from his ex whom I imagine has been contacted for her side of the story from any number of tabloid and media outlets.

With Brad and Angelina, she has said they fell in love on set (when he was still very much married), and though he's tried to deny any cheating in the past, he's just outed himself with his recent Parade article where he claimed that he and Angelina planned for Zahara who was adopted only 6 months after he and Jennifer announced their separation. Given the length of the adoption process, that means he had to be planning to adopt a child with another women while still married to Jennifer.

If we hear that Justin was in fact cheating on his ex from one of the parties involved, or there is evidence to prove it, then he should be held accountable, but until then there's no reason to assume he did anything wrong.

nonmember avatar steve

Listen to all these stupid man haters agreeing with the insolent females of the world. Fact is if a woman wants to steal a man us men are helpless to stop it . Its the woman's job to keep the focus on her if we get stolen away... its her fault!

nonmember avatar Ange

I completely agree with Guest on Nov 22, 2011 at 6:03 PM.
Guest's comment is very true and fair. I disagree what twokidsrme said about Angelina. She had involved other woman's man multiple times. No matter how hard Angelina's fans to defense her, I stronly consider that Angelina is a quilty party. She is a woman who would do whatever to get what she wants. Also she does have morality issues.

bulle... bullemhead

Who cares. Why are we still talking about this and OMG why did I read it. I'm too media saturated :(.

Jg Topaz

Jen started dating Justin after Justin split with Heidi and claimed that he was single in public.
Jen did not do anything wrong and Justin did not cheat. I do not get why people believe tons of trash from tabloids.
I completely agree with Guest on Nov 22, 2011 at 6:03 PM.
But I disagree what twokidsrme said about Angelina. She had involved the other woman's man multiple times. I still consider Angie is guilty. She does have morality issues.

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