Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Cashes In on Her Kid (Again)


Teen Mom Kailyn LowryWith the kind of drama that the stars of Teen Mom and spin-off Teen Mom 2 let fly, it's hard to believe they have any secrets left. And yet we go round and round with the debate over whether these kids are making enough scratch off of MTV to make it all worth it for them and their babies. Too bad the latest move by Kailyn Lowry, ex-girlfriend of Jonathan "Jo" Rivera and mom to little Isaac, does little to clear that one up.

Once reported to be working a gig at Forever 21, Kailyn has done everything from selling Amway with boyfriend Jordan to making the rounds at schools as a public speaker. And now she's cashing in on her kid.

The way Kailyn tells it, Isaac now has his own clothing line. Which, considering he's not even 2, really means she's given over her kid as a model along with his name (it's called the Isaac Elliot Collection). I can't blame a designer for scooping the kid up. Say what you will about these teen moms, but they do have some darn cute kids. And I'm one of those moms who will fully admit some kids look like aliens, so this is a big one coming from me. Isaac may not be able to design a clothing line, but he's cute enough to be the face of one (if you don't believe me, check out these photos!).

Still, it's pretty clear what Little Miss Cupcake is really getting out of the deal -- the star of an MTV show that's about to start its new season again in a few weeks is now tweeting and blogging about her company. Kailyn just handed over her quasi-fame along with the kid's cuteness to give this company a mega boost.

Technically, the teen moms are cashing in on their kids week after week, and this move doesn't put Isaac's whole childhood out there for the critics to pick apart. But the very fact that Kailyn has to do it at all leaves you wondering, once again, is it really fair to these kids that their moms have opened their developmental years up to the cameras ... if they won't have anything to show for it in the end?

Will you be buying Isaac's clothing line to support Kailyn?


Image via MTV

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Logan... LoganTroyMom

that doesnt seem all that bad..

Kritika Kritika

What a hateful article.

Kaila... KailaCheyenne

The designer is her baby's aunt. So I'm guessing she offered to help her start a new business.. Besides, if she wasn't on the show, nobody would have thought twice about it. If it's not exploiting him in a distasteful manner and he doesn't scream and cry, why not do it?

Sidthe Sidthe

WTH is the difference from all the stage moms of child actors/models/ and such? It's a clothing line good lord get a life!

Samantha Wortham

I thought that she had one of the ugliest babies I had ever seen. Thank god you linked pictures because that kid has certainly come into his own and is quite handsom now. Good for them if she is making some extra cash. Many moms would do this.

Stacey. Stacey.

Pretty much every blogger on here has written about their children and some even use personal photos how is this ok but what Kailyn is doing is not? You are a hypocrite Jeanne.

 I think its awesome Kailyn is doing something proactive instead of getting breast implants a la Farrah Abraham.

Stacey. Stacey.

Also how do you know the children or parents wont have anything to show for it at the end? Sounds like you are a hater.

xxMis... xxMissThingxx

Will not support that at all.

nonmember avatar Bunny

Selling clothes to make money...it takes money to raise a kid you know. If something is cute and affordable, sure, i'd buy it.


Won't be buying bc it's not my taste- but good for her. She's really struggled on the show and seems to want more out of life.

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