7 Most Shocking 'Breaking Dawn' Scenes (SPOILERS)

The Twilight film to end -- well, almost end -- all Twilight films is pretty much all anyone remotely interested in the epic series can think about today, and it's no wonder. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has got it all -- action, romance, horror, sci-fi, even comedy (I'm not kiddin'!).


But even if you're a diehard, well-versed, incredibly immersed Twi-Hard, you're probably not going to be expecting the movie to shock and awe you in certain ways. There are some curve balls. Here, the seven most shocking scenes in the greatly anticipated flick ...

  1. Bella's pre-wedding "jitters." Before she walks down the aisle, Bella has a vivid, creepy dream that she and Edward will hunt and suck the blood of all of their wedding guests. Ewwww. 
  2. The wedding speeches. Who would have thought there'd be straight-up hilarity smack dab in the middle of a flick you're expecting to err more on the side of dark and dramatic? Bella's folks and some of the Cullen clan taking the mic to wish the newlyweds their best was definitely a pleasantly surprising dose of comic relief.  
  3. The absolutely gorgeous honeymoon. Sure, we saw tons of "making of" pics when Kristen and Rob were jetsetting around South America to film this part of the movie, but seeing it in the film on the big screen is a completely different experience. Most of us have probably never seen something as absolutely gorgeous as Isle Esme. It's amazing.
  4. The non-sex sex. This was shocking in the opposite way we expected it to be. I guess because there was controversy and the filmmakers probably were gunning for the PG-13 rating over an R (being that it's aimed more so at tweens and teens), we couldn't expect full-on softcore porn or anything. Which is fine. But the lack of much of ... anything (come on, a glimpse of some RPattz cheek-age would have been cool!) definitely caught me off guard.
  5. Bella's pregnant "anti-glow." Since Renesmee is basically breaking her from "the inside out," it kinda makes sense that she'd look like death, but that's putting it MILDLY. It's really depressing, eerie, disturbing to see a pregnant woman/KStew/the beloved Bella in such absolutely horrid shape!
  6. Bella drinking blood. Surely, readers of the book were expecting this scene in which Bella glugs down cups of human blood in an effort to "feed" the half-vampire fetus growing inside of her. But really, nothing can prepare you for actually watching Kristen Stewart take a soda cup (complete with a lid and straw!) to her lips and sipping the dark fluid ... then opening her mouth to speak, and you see her teeth and tongue are stained deep red. Guuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhh ... I am still reeling.
  7. The "blood-curdling" livebirth scene. Roger Ebert gave it this descriptor and with good reason. Some fans have already complained that it wasn't gory enough, but I don't know what they're thinking! From the moment Bella goes into labor to the point at which Edward is attempting desperately to "turn" her by biting all over her corpse-like body, you will be clutching your armrests and cringing -- from the inside out. 

If you've seen it, what was the most shocking scene to you? If not, what do you expect to be?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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