Kourtney Kardashian vs. Kristin Cavallari Catfight Is Good Publicity


kristin cavallariHave you heard the rumor that Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick had an affair with Kristin Cavallari in 2009? An unknown source apparently told Life&Style that Scott and Kristin hooked up in Vegas in February of 2009 while Scott and Kourtney were "on a break" from each other (the couple have been together since 2007). Supposedly, Kourtney banned Scott from the set of DWTS  -- where both her brother, Rob Kardashian, and Kristin are contestants! This wasn't just a one-time fling, either, says the source -- Scott and Kristin have been hooking up on and off for a year, maybe two!

Whoa, whoa, whoa -- let's slow down the rumor mill here a moment: Kristin denies she ever had an affair with Scott. She's batting down these rumors like she's playing whack-a-mole -- and she's steamed over the how the Kardashians are responding.

As in, too little, too late. What took the Kardashians so long to deny the affair? Kristin has her own theory, and I think she may be right. “I just think, what convenient timing for them with their show premiering next week and with everything that’s going on for Kim, I feel like they’re trying to take the heat off her,” she said today. I'm sure the rumors that Kim and her sisters call Kristin "the whore bag" don't sweeten things for her.

Are the affair rumors just a ploy to take negative attention away from Kim Kardashian's marriage meltdown -- but without taking attention away from the Kardashians completely? Probably -- because the Kardashians must stay in the spotlight constantly! The People must have their Kardashians, right?

And the Kardashian brand is all about scandal. Someone in the family has to be embroiled in something muy picante at all times or we might stop paying attention. This week it's Scott's turn. And if Scott really is taking the heat off of Kim, she owes him and Kourtney, big time.

Do you think the latest Kardashian scandal between Scott Disnick and Kristin Cavallari is just a ploy to distract negative attention from Kim's divorce?


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doll0302 doll0302

Kristin has not been a contestant for some time now. 

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Although I think the Kardashians are out there, I don't see why her sister would throw herself under the bus for Kim.

I think I just lost a brain cell, just for saying that.

Mommy... MommyMeggyG

If this was true something about it would have come up in their many past shows. I never really liked Kristin but I don't think she did it.

funmo... funmommy123

Yes, I think that's exactly what the Kardashians are trying to do. Kim is the WHORE BAG lol

Pamela French Yurko

I don't think Kim is a whore, I wish I'd been SMART enough to get out of a no win situation in my earlier young life, I watched some of the footage of how he spoke and treated her, She did NOT deserve HIS contempt towards her, he knew the life he was getting into, LAMAR TOLD HIM POINT blank, Rewind look at it, BEFORE the marriage,.Really it's her life , who's to say he didn't abuse her, I saw signs of verbal abuse and his cockiness he treated her badly! And I normally don't give a rats butt, just sayin, leave her alone, i truly think she is a nice person.

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