5 Scenes From the 'Breaking Dawn' Book We Better See in the Movie

edward bellaAs anyone who's ever watched one of their favorite books make the transformation from page to screen knows, some of those amazing literary details are bound to get lost in translation. And you've got to feel for the makers of Breaking Dawn.

Think about it: In their attempts to be as faithful as possible to Stephenie Meyer's original text, they split one book into two movies!

Even so, I'm sure at least a few key scenes didn't make the cut.

I'm just hoping it wasn't any of THESE!!


  1. Edward removes Bella's garter with his teeth: I'm looking forward to seeing this part of the wedding more than the actual vows!
  2. Jacob's decision to form his own pack: Taylor Lautner NEEDS this scene -- it's Jacob's manliest Breaking Dawn moment!
  3. Bella's back breaks: Of course the entire birth scene is going to be huge, but I wonder how they'll demonstrate the extent of damage to Bella's spine?
  4. Jacob imprints on Renesmee: Okay, I don't see how they could possibly leave this one out, but I also have no idea exactly how they're going to pull it off. Even the description in the book is somewhat vague. (Maybe that's a good thing!)
  5. Bella's first hunt: Kristen Stewart takes on a mountain lion! Again, I have no idea exactly how they're going to pull this one off, but I can't wait to see them try.

Which scene from Breaking Dawn the book will you miss if it doesn't make it into the movie?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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