Fan Frenzy Confirms Kardashian Love Lives On (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kourtney KardashianBetween the divorce backlash on Twitter, the SNL mockery, and the boycott petitions being signed to get Kim Kardashian off television, I was getting a little worried that Kim's 15 minutes were just about up. Well, that was until I attended today's Kardashian book signing event for the sisters' latest book, Dollhouse, and realized that such worry was all sorts of wrong. Being an avid Kim fan myself (Hello? I dressed up as her for Halloween!), even I was surprised at how many fans still have her back.

If anything proves Kardashian Mania is alive and well, it's komplete Kardashian kraziness in New York City. Check it out.


Now mind you, the book signing event didn't even start until 12:30 p.m., but several fans admitted that they secured their spots in line as early as 6:30 a.m. That's six hours, people! All for a signature on a book! Now if that's not loyalty, I don't know what is.

By the time I got to the event, there was already a HUGE line of fans wrapped around multiple blocks. Oh, and did I mention this was all during an intense rainstorm? Ha, as if a rainstorm was going to keep loyal Kardashian fans away ...

How crazy is this line?! And it keeps on going ...

And going ...

And ... okay, you get the idea.

So after spotting Kourtney and Khloe entering the Barnes and Noble (Kim was a no-show!) and screaming and sliding in to try for a photo (result below), I decided to chat up a few fans and find out where their Kardashian devotion stands after Kim's fairytale wedding turned into a divorce fiasco.

Kourtney Kardashian

Gigi, a Kardashian fan, said:

I feel bad for Kim. It was embarrassing. But she's still gorgeous, we still love her. We wish she was ready to face the world. We want her to move on.

Fabiana, an 18-year-old Kim enthusiast "since day one," said:

Everyone makes mistakes. I feel like I know her. It's a bit of a letdown to know that I might not know her as well as I thought I did. But even though reality shows tend to be fake, the emotion is real. I look up to her. I can relate to her.

Katherine, another 18-year-old fan, said:

I don't feel cheated as a fan at all. I've always been a fan. I want to be her. She's worked so hard for everything and deserves the fame and money she gets.

Most of the fans were incredibly supportive of Kim, but one little 13-year-old die-hard Kardashian devotee takes the cake. Along with a scrapbook handmade for Kim, she also penned an adorable letter, which she "really poured her heart into." How cute is this?

And she wasn't the only fan to get a little creative ...

They wore pieces from the Kardashian fashion line ...

They made posters and books ...

Is it hot in here, or is it just this Kardashian fever?

So there you have it, Kim. The entire world doesn't hate you! In fact, I'm certain that you have a few thousand fans who really, really love you. Can you come out of hiding now, please?

Are you surprised that Kim still has so many fans supporting her? Are you still a fan despite the so-called "sham"?

Image via CelebrityFashion/Flickr

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