Bradley Cooper Really Is the Sexiest Man Alive

bradley cooperPeople magazine says that Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive and I totally agree. The star of The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, and the amazing, old school PBS series Globe Trekker is not only devilishly handsome, but also super smart and effortlessly hilarious. I'd like to page Dr. Awesome to have him come check Bradley's vitals because the man is on fire. From his epic comedic roles to the interviews in which he speaks French to the fact that he loves his mama, the 36-year-old actor is easily one of the sexiest men ever.

So now that he's been bestowed this honorable title, I hope it means he'll quit going on these pathetic publicity dates with female stars who've been recently dumped.


After Jennifer Lopez split from Marc Anthony, she was seen having dinner with Bradley. After Jennifer Aniston went through some crap with John Mayer, Brad took her out to dinner in Manhattan. After Olivia Wilde got divorced, Brad was there to woo her back to health. And his two-year relationship with Renee Zellweger seemed a bit forced, too, like it was all for show.

I think the most egregious of publicity dates was for sure his dinners out with J. Lo. You could just hear the P.R. machines cranking away at that one, trying to make J. Lo look less sad after her discovery that husband Marc Anthony was allegedly sleeping around, and trying to get Bradley on the tip of everyone's tongue. But try that machine should no longer.

Since he's now the sexiest man alive, he should have the confidence to say 'no' to his manager. No more contrived dates with recently dumped women. He needs to start going out with women (or men, whatever, just ... saying) for real -- his gorgeous face, body, and mind deserve to be loved. Why should he fake it when he can experience the real thing? I swear, if he's seen out and about with recently single Heather Locklear, I'm not going to be pleased. So Bradley, if you need some help with this whole dating-for-love thing, call me. We can work this out together, mon amour. 

Do you think Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive?


Photo via Michelle Wright/Flickr

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