Robert Pattinson: 20 Secrets You Don't Know About Him


Robert PattinsonWhether you're a massive Twilight fan or not, there's no denying that Robert Pattinson is a handsome hunk. That Kristen Stewart is one lucky lady! Do you see those crystal blue eyes and that shaggy hair? I melt! With the latest installment of the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 coming out in theaters this Friday (!!!) -- there's no better time to get to know the hottest, most-happenin' vampire around.

Read on for 20 secrets you didn't know about Robert Pattinson:

1. At first Twilight fans didn't want Pattinson to play Edward on the big screen (can you believe it!?). More than 75,000 people signed a petition AGAINST him taking the role because they thought he wasn't the right fit.

2. Rob's two older sisters, Victoria and Lizzie, used to dress him up as a woman named Claudia when he was 12.

3. His first kiss was also at 12.

4. Robert was completely cut out of the 2004 movie titled Vanity Fair. In it, he played the older version of Rawdon Crawley. Don't worry, though. You can catch RPattz in Vanity Fair DVD extras.

5. Our favorite vampire is actually 6'1''. I know, a lot taller than I thought, too!

6. Robert beat out 3,000 other actors for the Twilight role.

7. Robert told Seventeen magazine that he would want to possibly trade places with George Bush because he is "someone who has lots of respect."

8. Think Rob's got a nice booty? You're not alone. Rob's done butt modeling (yes, there is such a thing) and has been a butt double for "a lot of different actors."

9. Pattinson's not crazy about his name. He once told MTV, "I hate any reference to my name" and suggested the alternative nickname Spunk Ransom. Creative one, that Robby.

10. Starting when he was 10, Rob was very interested in making money. He used to deliver the paper for $20 a week.

11. Van Morrison is one of Rob's fave artists. He told, "He was my inspiration for doing music in the first place." Awwww, bromance.

12. Rob didn't know how to drive until recently. The hunk had one driving lesson in Oregon and then essentially taught himself the rest after buying a car in L.A.

13. Robert was once in a band called Bad Girls with his "first girlfriend's [then] current boyfriend." Ballsy, I like it.

14. Back in 2005, Rob was the first actor to read for the part Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Of course, he got the gig.

15. Bad boy! Rob was expelled from school for not doing his homework.

16. Rob's not big on using his cellphone.

17. The 25-year-old would really love to work with Jack Nicholson.

18. Rob's not much into washing his hair. He told Metromix that after six weeks, his hair starts to "wash itself."

19. Rob's a Taurus and his birthday is May 13, 1986.

20. The only thing Rob "splurges on" is DVDs.

Did any of these facts surprise you? What's your favorite thing about Robert Pattinson?


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suz1973 suz1973

I just love Rob. He is so incredibly talented and handsome. Watching his portrayal and listening to his music on the Twilight soundtrack had a profound influence on my "robotic" existence. I just wish that he would stop smoking and take better care of himself. I wish him happiness and love.shake hand

nonmember avatar angel

secrets ??? realy???
well too bad cause i knew all of those secrets long time ago am a Robsessed and BTW just chill that whole not washing his hair story was a joke he said later in one of the interviews that he regrets saying that cause people still take it seriously
goshh don't you get his sence of humer ????

nonmember avatar Imogen

I knew all of these I think a few of these might be roumers and if you think he's ugly or whatever don't comment keep it to yourself

Ashley Hall

Rob, Hates the Twilight Movies, 

Sanaz Mahmoudi

none of ur business why did u tell bullshit? he's perfect amazing wonderful fantastic and play perfectly nobody can talk about him badly if talk i'll kill him/his. did u get? or i come and kill u & zip up u ........... stfu

nonmember avatar Natasha Chapin

Nope I knew all that already I was really hoping for something more original

Yasmina Benmohamed

Mon commentaire, c de lui foutre la paix, j'aime Robert Pattinson pour ce qu'il est et pas pour ce qu'il a fais ou était avant de le connaitre, se qu'on doit apprendre est de respecter la vie privé des gens, vous savez sa me fais une belle jambes de savoir que rob c déguisé en fille en claudia a l'age de 12ans, sa ne change en rien, que se mec je l'adore ainsi que Kirsten Stewart je vous aiment vous 2 kiss et continuez comme car vous etes géniaux a mes yeux kiss


Ofry Arad

have a good 2014 year no matter what you do



nonmember avatar Angel

Everyone is untitled to their own opinions on his looks. What one finds cute and sexy someone else might not. On the subject of his hair while I myself have to wash my hair everyday believe it or not some hair stylest will say its good to go a couple of days without washing your hair. Something about stripping it of the natural oils and causing split ends.

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