Justin Timberlake Gave Lady Marine Night of Her Life


Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake walks the walk! A day after JTim posted the kind of standard "rah rah, yeah veterans" post to Twitter that just about every American put up on Veterans Day, he pulled out his tuxedo and showed up to the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia, on the arm of Cpl. Kelsey De Santis . . . just like he promised. That deserves an Oorah!

I don't know about you, but my assessment of the former boy band member just skyrocketed! I mean, I may have an 'NSync song or two on my iPod (it's nostalgia people!) already, but I'm ready to hit up the 'net for every song JT every contributed to just to show him my support in exchange for his rock solid support of our troops.

When he and Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis accepted challenges from two different Marines to show up at their military celebrations a few months back, the acceptances felt . . . sort of stilted? Like these big shot celebrities thought these earnest members of our military were rather twee, and they'd just work them for the press angle for their movie.

Who didn't wonder if they'd back out? Really? Call me cynical, but I saw a sudden movie shooting date popping up that couldn't be avoided. It was just too good to be true that these big name stars were really going to be slumming it for a day. But I guess I should be eating my hat or crow or whatever the cliche calls for today.

DeSantis got her man. Onlookers snapped photos of him in a tuxedo and her in a gorgeous blue evening dress that shows off the ripped body of a hardworking Marine. They all told Richmond-area press that he acted just like a normal guy, having fun, and posing for pictures when asked. Good for him!

Thanks to Timberlake, Hollywood elite just got a big fat reminder that they might make the big money and get all the attention, but that doesn't make them heroes. DeSantis and the other Marines who were celebrating the 236th anniversary of their corps' creation (the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War, formed by Captain Samuel Nicholas by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress on Nov. 10, 1775) deserve Hollywood-style attention for the incredible work they do every day for love of country -- rather than love of money.

Now it's up to Kunis to deliver the second part of the one-two punch on behalf of our nation's bravest. Her date with Sgt. Scott Moore of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines is coming up on Nov. 18. Think she'll show?

If you could get a celeb out on a date, who would it be?


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jagam... jagamama0710

I just love Justin Timberlake. I have loved him since I was 13 years old and swooning over N'Sync. LOL Anyway, I'm not surprised at all that he actually went. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. :) 

I hope Mila Kunis stays true to her word!

I'm not sure who I'd ask for a date...maybe Gerard Butler. Wonderful to look at AND listen to. My hubby would be all over it too. He has a man-crush on him. lol 

Sandra Riggle

Very cute comment jagamama! If I could choose I would probably like a date with that cutie Danny Pinto who used to be on Cold Case and now he's on Law and Order SVU... He's my celeb crush at the moment:)

douxm... douxmusique

Im so boy crazy I can't pick one celeb!

Anna Martin

Romany Malco...he played Conrad on Weeds.  Hottie!  Or Robert Pattinson. blowing kisses

ChicH... ChicHippie

Orlando Bloom! He has that nerdy hottness thing going on.

Laurie Kish

Ms. Sager... Please don't ever put "slumming" and any description of our military in the same story. I serve our veterans and they don't "slum". Perhaps if you served your country with more than words you would think before you flippantly type your opinions.

nonmember avatar LilPatricksMomy

Laurie, anyone on the planet who read this story (obviously except for you) knows she didn't use that phrase as an insult. Take the panties out of your hind end.

I think the majority of us with a modicum of common sense realize that the majority of people in Hollywood would consider it slumming to be seen in the company of anyone who's average salary is less than 100 million a year.

Just the mere fact that she admittedly now has some JT songs on her iPod because of his follow through means she has the utmost respect for our military members.

THIS Air Force wife and Army brat doesn't take offense. You should adjust your injustice meter, it's off kilter.

nonmember avatar Francette Rush

I was a big Nsync fan and even bigger Justin fan and now i have even more respect for him you go J

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