Ashton Kutcher’s Latest Twitter 'Oops!' Shows He’s Dumber Than We Thought


ashton kutcherAshton Kutcher loves him some Twitter. But you know what he loves even more? Cheating on Demi Moore. Himself. The Two and a Half Men star took to his Twitter yesterday to express his outrage over the firing of Penn State's Joe Paterno. He wrote: "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."

His followers immediately fired off a barrage of insults to the actor for defending the 84-year-old coach. Kutcher tried to rescind his statement, tweeting, "Heard Joe was fired, fully recant previous tweet! Didn't have full story," and, "As an advocate in the fight against child sexual exploitation, I could not be more remorseful for all involved in the Penn St. case."

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Whatever, Ashton. If you're such an advocate against child sexual exploitation, how could you not have known about what's going on with Paterno and Sandusky?

Even if you're not an "advocate," how could you not have known? Self-involved much?

Jerry Sandusky's alleged sex abuse of troubled, young boys, and Joe Paterno's possible "covering" of it, have arguably been the biggest two stories in the United States this week. How does one, even if they're a busy Hollywood actor, manage to go through the day totally unaware of this? I honestly don't understand how it's even possible to not know what's going on at least somewhat at this point -- particularly if you're a big college football fan. Or if you're an "advocate against child sexual exploitation." Or if you're on Twitter non-stop. Come to think of it, Ashton should have been all over this story.

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But, alas, here's the thing about celebrities and things that are "going on in the world": They just don't go together. Save for a few, well-rounded men and women, famous people are really only interested in one thing -- and that would be themselves. When they're forced to answer a question during an interview about something outside of this realm -- or when they jump on Twitter and start spewing nonsense -- only one thing happens: They wind up looking like idiots.

Ashton just demonstrated this beautifully.

Do you think Ashton should "think before he Tweets"? Do you think celebs should just stop talking about news?


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Enigma77 Enigma77

Give the guy a break no ones perfect. Like to see you take on his busy life and know every  thing can't do it with the boring in comparison life most lead. If you claim other wise you're being unrealistic. Don't even have a clue where his first comment was coming from. Couldn't be as simple as some one he idolized when younger recognized name and made uninformed tweet. Stupid he's the succesful one! . America will always expect more from stars or those in the spot light, but I think the standards they are held to are ridiculous and unrealistic. They are human beings too. We have gone over the top in how judgemental we are to all others.  Put your mistakes out there otherwise leave the little stuff a lone because you have no right to judge if you are not willing to put your life in spot light to be picked apart. I think our nation is struggling, and we should be proud of such a young mans success despite adversity today. A great Saying once said to me "don't sweat the small stuff." No wonder we are all so stressed and ready to crack. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES NO ONE......NO ONE IS PERFECT. 

nonmember avatar KATNTUCKEE KID

First off, three cheers to the articles' author, Nicole Fabian-Weber, who in my opinion, nailed it. The trouble with all these Hollywood types is their total lack of understanding of main-stream America. They live in their 'bubble' world, using their celebrity to seperate themselves from the masses, yet pretending to be just an average citizen when some social issue arises. As many of the other comments have stated, no one really cares what these self centered, uninformed, publicity seeking, over paid no-talents have to say. It's not marriage that's so hard Ashton, it's obviously in your case, the inability to keep 'it' in your pants, that is so hard!!! Please, give us all a break and just go away.

kakarluk kakarluk

Why are people so quick to insult people? Ashton was not the only person, celebrity or otherwise, to support Joe Paterno, especially before the whole story was known. Give him a break!


Deborah Eubanks

To be fair, haven't you ever spoken out about something before thinking? He just spurted his most immediate feeling on the subject, without having all the facts. I've done that. Doesn't make me an idiot. Doesn't make him an idiot, either. We're just human. He did apologize when he got more info (and feedback!).

dshady1 dshady1

Oh Good Lord people!  I'm not even a college football fan and I'm obviously strongly against child explotation but I don't see why Joe Paterno was fired.  He reported it to the people he was obligated to report it to.  It was horrible what happen to the child I agree but Paterno should not have been fired.  Now calling Ashton dumb for tweeting something that MANY people feel the same way about?  Who cares?  Have your own opinion but don't knock someone else's.

Tammatha Brown

He's all looks and no substance....

Derrik Cramer

the author of this is f*ing retarded maybe the reason that he doesnt know is he has a life and doesnt spend all day watching tv or on the internet and who cares that he doesnt know...and nothing has been proved in court so all these stories popping up are alleged so how bout this one america until they are sentenced in court or unless you yourself were sexually molested by the coach at penn state shut the hell up...seriously...@maria floray,@kevin,@susie19 and etc you all look more stupid for commenting

4real... 4realyall

Shameful that Aston didn't know what was going on and made himself look the fool. He acted like a man and apologized and has tried to make amends. Get over it, who can say that they are perfect??????? That's what I thought , no one! Who even cares what he says or does don't you really have your own life, then lie it.

nonmember avatar Bob

Marry someone your own age. At least someone you have something in common with like the same peer group.

nonmember avatar debora butler


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