Lindsay Lohan's Nude Photos Are a Weird Tribute to Marilyn Monroe


If I were in charge of Lindsay Lohan's Playboy shoot, I would have posed her lying naked, bruised, and filthy on a pile of crack vials. It would have been hugely controversial and broken sales records for the men's magazine and I would have snottily informed everyone that it was an artistic criticism of her public persona and Lohan would have instantly been cast in a Tarantino film.

Instead, it appears Team Lohan has chosen to portray Lindsay as Marilyn Monroe in her upcoming Playboy spread, in an homage to Monroe's iconic 1949 nude pictorial. Because just like Marilyn, Lindsay is ... tragic and misunderstood? Or seemingly doomed to die at a young age?

Well, the important thing is that according to Hef himself, the photos are both fully nude—and "classy. Very classy."

Marilyn Monroe may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of who a naked Lindsay Lohan might remind you of (based on some of Lohan's recent appearances, I'd go with Donatella Versace), but with the right lighting, a wig, and a shitload of Photoshop, I'm sure Playboy will be able to work wonders. After all, Lohan's done the nude-Marilyn thing before, and while that was three years and several arrests ago, she actually looked pretty good.

The Playboy piece will surely be a work of technical genius, really, considering the fact that Lindsay had to come back to redo the entire shoot. I have to admit, I'm actually pretty curious to see the photos (however vaguely inappropriate the theme may be), and I'm equally intrigued by the interview that will accompany them. According to Lohan's rep,

The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay.

The only way I could see another side to Lindsay Lohan is if she straight-up admitted she had major issues and needed help, but I'm willing to be surprised.

If you've been floundering on the perfect Christmas gift this year, good news—Lindsay's Monroe-inspired vajayjay will be appearing in Playboy’s January/February issue, which hits newsstands in late December. While you breathlessly await what will surely become a priceless magazine collector's item, here's a deeply amusing 2005 clip of Lindsay sharing her opinion on nude scenes:

Ae you interested to see how Lindsay's Playboy shoot turns out?


Image via New York Magazine

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Kathleen Anderson

The only way I want to see Lindsay is after she's done her 300+ days in an over crowded jail, just like anyone else would have to do.
Kathleen anderson

nonmember avatar HouseofTwits

Call me a cynic, but I strongly suspect that Hef put out the "Marilyn Monroe" statement to cover up LiLo's apparently very bad first shoot. Reading between the lines, I heard "the first shoot was too trashy but we fixed it."

Alunah Alunah

She looks as if she is stonned and vomiting a cascade of strawberry quick with that grimace on her face. Marilyn was sexy,SHE is not. She IS a train wreck.

xavie... xavierlogan09

She makes Marilyn Monroe look bad. I love Marilyn and lindsay lohan is nothing like her. She also looks terrible with blonde hair. She had beautiful hair before she ruined it.

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't get off on watching trainwrecks, so no, I don't care to see her pics. Next.

nonmember avatar elle

Marilyn was so beautiful, Lohan will never amount to 1/4 of what Marilyn was. What a slap in the face for American Beauty culture...

Tammatha Brown

No comparison, Playboy is so lame to go along with the charade of Lindsey paying tribute to MM. What the heck for? She has nothing to offer. Why do so many try to be MM, there has and never will be another.

Kgalli Kgalli

Agreeing with every one. Not to mention the fact the Marilyn Monroe actually HAD a figure instead of looking like a twig. You really can't compare the two. Kind of ridiculous.

Dee Jaeger

That girl is tragically washed up...I don't know why anyone is even mentioning her name in Hollywood, let alone booking her for anything other than a prison stint!!! She's not even attractive in any light!!!  And the real trgedy is that she's done it to herself!!! We the people are fed up with her,she's had more than enough chances, and her actions just show over and over again that she doesn't deserve nor appreciate them.

nonmember avatar Mel

Sad. When I heard she was doing the shoot, that's the word that came to mind. Up until then, not a lot of sympathy for her. It's tragic that her life is such a trainwreck that she had to do this shoot. For a nobody, it's a springboard to opportunity. But for Lindsay, it seems like the death knell. She must have needed the money. It feels like the utter humiliation of a once promising actress, and I think this is going to be terrible for her personally & professionally. Let's hope I'm wrong.

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