Justin Bieber Needs to Prove the Lookalike Baby Isn't His

Holy crap, this Justin Bieber/Mariah Yeater craziness just keeps getting crazier. Last I heard, Bieber had agreed to do a paternity test in order to 1) prove Yeater's baby wasn't his and 2) counter-sue her for lying, and I guess I kind of figured the whole story would just fade away, leaving Bieber with a tiny sordid blip on his otherwise squeaky-clean Wikipedia page.

However, Yeater isn't giving up quite so easily. Not only is she sticking to her original story that Bieber had unprotected sex with her after one of his 2010 concerts—she's given her first TV interview, which included showing off an image of Bieber's supposed love child.

I gotta say, having seen this new photo of the baby ... well, let's just say nothing will surprise me at this point.


In an interview with The Insider that airs tonight, Yeater described her alleged sexual encounter with Bieber, which she says happened after a 2010 concert at LA's Staples Center. She claims that Bieber immediately took a liking to her, but that things got less pleasant as soon as they were alone:

We went, and on the walk to wherever his destination was, he asked, or he was telling me, that he'd like to make love to me, all sweet and cute and touchy, and then when we got to, it turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed. It went from cute and gushy, you know, to just more aggressive.

Yeater also says she has definitive proof they had unprotected sex, although she won't elaborate on what this might be. Is it the baby himself? A tainted blue dress? A hidden camera stuffed in her vagina? WHAT?

Here's a sneak peek at the Insider interview:

And here's a photo of Yeates with her son Trystan:


What do you think, can you see some Biebs in that kid's face?


(Also, Trystan? Really? Why not just name him LIASAN while you're at it, lady.)

Honestly, I have no idea what's true and what isn't. Like I said, nothing would surprise me at this point, although Yeater's story certainly isn't helped by some of the reports about her character that have been showing up in the news recently. Here's a video that covers some of the controversy surrounding Bieber's supposed babymama:

The saddest thing about this whole mess is that there's an innocent baby involved, and whoever his father is, the kid surely doesn't deserve this kind of media scrutiny. I'm hoping for the baby's sake that Bieber's paternity test puts a stop to things one way or the other, and if it turns out Yeater is lying, she gets whatever help she needs.

What do you think about the story so far? Do you see any resemblance between little Trystan and Justin?


Images via The Insider, Flickr/jake.auzzie

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