Kardashian Reaction to 'SNL' Spoof Is Surprising (VIDEO)


kim kardashian snlThankfully, the team at Saturday Night Live decided to make fun of Kim Kardashian's divorce. In a three-minute sketch, the funny peeps act out what would be Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Divorce and no one from the family is safe from SNL's fangs: They go after Kris Jenner's desire to be young and famous, Kris Humphries' oafish ignorance, and Kim's dogged airheadedness. The skit itself is pretty obvious, but there are some laugh-out-loud moments -- the part about scallops not wrapped in bacon but in $100 bills was freaking hilarious. But! The best thing about the skit is how the Kardashians, the real ones, reacted to it.

First, let's take a look at the short skit:

First, how hilarious is Kristen Wiig? She's really a level above everyone else. Second, I love Charlie Day, the host of Saturday's show, who played the pimped-out divorce lawyer. If you're not watching FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you're not living life to the fullest. Oh and thirdly, here's how Khloe reacted to the spoof. She tweeted:

Ha! I just saw the SNL skit they did and I could not stop laughing.... LOL

u have 2learn2 laugh at urself life is 2short

Its SNL... They r supposed 2make fun Its not who we are&I know that

And Kourtney got in the mix, too, tweeting:

I peed! The @KrisJenner was classic.

Kim stayed mum, and so did Momager Kris, but I'm glad to see that Kourt and Khlo are able to laugh at SNL. Their sense of humor about this is one of the most genuine things to come out of Kim's divorce. (I mean, Kim's letter to her fans and the alleged one to her family left a little to be desired, amirite?)

Khloe's always managed to be the funny, real voice in the family and it's cool that she and her sister are able to laugh at themselves and the situation. Seems like they have a good grasp on reality and it's better for them to acknowledge the circumstances than to ignore and deny them. Laughter sometimes really is the best medicine.

What do you think of the skit?


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lovin... lovinallofthem

saw the skit Saturday nite, it was HILARIOUS and i couldnt stop laughing!!  the K ladies are soo entertaining!!


Sweet... SweetPieMama24

It really was hilarious!!! The way Kourtney & Kim talked was dead on, and Kris impersonation was hysterical!

jeffhuey jeffhuey

Why are people so obsessed with this family. They do not sing, dance except for Robert, and they do not act. They appear to be famous just for being famous. I hope Kris Humphries sues for a big settlement. He was screwed by Kim. These people are media whores.

Samal... Samallama

It was hilarious. Normally I'm not a big SNL fan but every once in a while they do something great like this. 

Susie19 Susie19

LOL that was sooo funny!!!

Danutza Byby

I think the divorce is not something to make you laugh,those actors are so stupid

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