Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving Special Will Be Hard to Digest


lady gaga indiaEveryone, finish your pumpkin pie and gather 'round the television. It's time for "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving," a special starring and directed by Lady Gaga herself and airing Thanksgiving night. Beyonce and Taylor Swift have done Thanksgiving-night specials in years past. Now all the good little girls and boys who ate their sweet potatoes are getting a special treat this year -- it's Lady Gaga's turn.

Can't you just hear the conversation with the relatives? "Who is that greaser? Where did that lady with the swan hat go?" "That's still Lady Gaga, Grandma. It's her alter-ego, Jo Calderone." "Why would she do such a thing?!? She's such a pretty girl when she wears her makeup! I hope you never do something like that! Oh wait, is she wearing a turkey now?"

But wait! There's hope for Grandma and the whole family. The 90-minute primetime special has plenty of fun for everyone.

Gaga will sing songs from the new album, Born This Way, naturally. But she'll also sing "White Christmas" with Tony Bennett and sit down for an interview with Katie Couric. She'll even do a little holiday cooking with Chef Art Smith.

Pity the poor teenager who tries to get his family to switch over to Gaga from a football game -- or who ends up watching it alone in his room. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when you're supposed to spend time together with your family. You break bread and make peace for just one day. Then everyone retreats back to their own individual pods the next day. So good thing Gaga is going full old-Hollywood classic on us for the holiday special so we can all watch it together. Because I really wanted to see it -- and I didn't want to see it alone.

Will you be watching "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" -- alone or with your family?


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UnAmour UnAmour

I will be now!

alandou alandou

I wont be watching it at all


If I remember!

Water... Water_geM

im excited now.....



Madis... Madison34

I don't even know where this GaGa came from. All of sudden there she was. So confused. Guess I should listen to her music to find out.

Trick... Trickychic

I love Lady GaGa and can't stand football. I will have 2 tvs going, one with football and 1 with  Lady GaGa and my kids may watch it with me.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I won't be watching on purpose , unless she just happens to catch my attention  while flipping the channel

nonmember avatar Sally

Of COURSE I'll be watching who wouldn't! This Gaga woman is ab-fab!

Feret Man


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