Kim Kardashian's Divorce Is a Gift That Will Keep Giving

Kim KardashianWhen news that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries dropped this week, my first response was outrage. How dare they dupe us like that?! Then as Kris Jenner chastised us all for our judgmental ways and Kim herself explained that it was just love gone wrong, I started to soften ever so slightly. Maybe it happened just like they said it did. Maybe we were really jumping to unfair conclusions ... then BAM! I snapped out of the Kardashians' bewitching spell, and the reality of it all hit me: As they're scolding us for daring to believe they could be scamming us over this whole thing, they're carrying out yet another scam right under our noses.

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but one thing is certain -- they know how to mine publicity from a dry well and keep it pumping. This divorce just gets things gushing, and the timing of it couldn't be better.


Regardless of if we're angry about their sham marriage, we still totally want to know what happened and all the intimate details of their relationship. And guess what? Now all we have to do is wait three weeks to get that insight we're craving, because Kourtney and Kim Take New York premieres November 27. How convenient!

Not only that, guess who released a book this week? Kris Jenner, that's who. And it's supposedly just a coincidence that the hottest news story out this week happens to be her daughter. Kris Jenner ... and All Things Kardashian probably would have dropped without much notice otherwise, but given Kim's divorce news, it's suddenly big news. How fortuitous!

Throw in a big divorce special, which is almost certain to come at some point, plus all the fodder that Kim being back on the dating scene will provide, and that divorce does way more for the Kardashians than a baby ever could have. I can just hear producers and Kris Jenner trying to decide: Baby or divorce? Baby or divorce? A divorce seems the wiser choice in this case ... especially for the hypothetical baby.

As blatant as their antics are, however, that doesn't mean that I haven't already set my DVR to watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York and am dying for the season to start. Yes, I know I'm playing right into their plan, and I could take my dignity and remove them forever from my Sunday night lineup, but I won't. Even though I doubt now more than ever that there's much truth to any of it, I still find them fascinating and funny. And damnit, I want to know what really happened between Kim and Kris Humphries.

Will you watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York?

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