Kim Kardashian Could Never Be Un-Sexy on Halloween

kim kardashianIt may be hard to believe, but Kim Kardashian actually did more this weekend than peruse the cases at Mont Blanc for a diamond-encrusted pen to sign her divorce papers with today. She celebrated Halloween.

In the case that you haven't heard/read/seen, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Kris Humphries traded in her long brown locks for a long red wig and ditched her usual body-conscious dresses for an even more body-conscious leotard. Who was she? Poison Ivy, of course! A really sexed-up version of the already-sexy character from Batman and Robin. She looked lovely and all va-va-voom, as expected.

One celeb who didn't go the traditional super sexy route this weekend was Heidi Klum. Nope, the Project Runway host dressed up as something downright terrifying. And she kind of called Kim Kardashian out for her costume in the process.


After Kim tweeted a photo of herself in her get-up, Heidi, half-ready, tweeted a photo of herself with the message to Kim: "I think I look sexier than you tonight." To which Kim tweeted back: "I'm scared! LOL. I want you 2 pick my costume next year."

Of course, Heidi's tweet was all in good fun -- and it's actually rather complimentary to Kim -- but, it does show the drastic difference between someone like Heidi and someone like Kim.

Heidi Klum is a beautiful woman. And so is Kim Kardashian. The main difference between the two is that Heidi is a woman willing to, you know, not look beautiful on Halloween, while Kim actually steps it up a few notches.

Can I imagine Kim going as something totally creepy and bloody and not-pretty for Halloween next year? Eh, not really. But maybe that's just because it's just that hard for her to not look sexy. It's a good problem to have.

Could you see Kim getting dressed up in a non-sexy costume?


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