5 Worst Celebrity Nose Jobs


lil kimEveryone wants to look their best, but sometimes people take it too far with all the lip fillers, face-lifts, and nose jobs. I think peeps look best natural, but plastic surgery is so rampant these days, it seems like everyone's had a little nip-tuck. Even some of the prettiest celebrities have gone under the knife. So unnecessary, because when it goes wrong, it goes waaaaaay wrong.

These five stars probably just wanted to change one thing they hated about their noses, and now look at them -- they look like totally different people! Poor things. So pretty before, so not pretty after. These are definitely some of the worst nose jobs in Hollywood.

What's a bad nose job list without Lil Kim? The pint-size rapper has had so many things done to her face, she's hardly recognizable.




latoya jackson
La Toya Jackson
La Toya Jackson and brother Michael have some of the least natural-looking noses in the universe. I wonder if she can even breathe through that thing.

adrienne maloor
Adrienne Maloof
You'd think that Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof would have great plastic surgery, seeing as she's married to a plastic surgeon, but that's simply not the case. It's disastrous. Her nose is so uneven.

jennifer grey
Jennifer Grey
After actress Jennifer Grey messed with her sniffer, her career took a nose dive. Pun intended. While her nose job looks good -- it's natural, well-fit, and tasteful -- it changed her face so much, no one knew who she was anymore.

david gest
David Gest
David Gest ... I can't. Liza Minnelli's ex-husband is looking rough these days. His nose looks cartoonish and completely different than a few years ago. Disturbing!

Can you think of any celebs with bad nose jobs?


Photos top to bottom via Splash News, Splash News, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty, Frederick M. Brown/Getty, Jo Hale/Getty



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Sinat... SinatrasKitten

I hate Ashley Greene's nose.  Not sure if that's a nose job, or not... but it's ugly!

RanaA... RanaAurora

That's LIL KIM? Holy cow.

nonmember avatar Gia

Ashley Tisdale! Looks so...

Jessica Bailey

Ashley had her deviated septum fixed, it's not plastic surgery she wanted. It was needed.

nonmember avatar Mimi

Bruce Jenner, once a ruggedly handsome athlete, destroyed his post sports career with an ill advised nose job... making his nose much too small for his face, giving him a girlish, weird look.

Jesse Mclendon

yall are ugly as h*lol

nonmember avatar Say What>

@ Lil Kim.. U can't cure UGLY! She use to look so pretty with less done like her jump off video... Now more plastic not even Barbie status...

Deril Balough

Where is Michael's nose photo?

nonmember avatar heybaby

LOL at the "deviated septum" comment above about Tisdale. Fixing a deviated septum does NOT change the overall appearance of the nose, she opted to change the way her nose looked when she decided to get the septum fixed.

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