Fangtastic Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by 'True Blood'


true bloodDrink your Halloween coffee from a True Blood mug.What's that? You STILL don't have a Halloween costume? Yeah, me neither. (At some point we'll really have to work on this whole procrastination thing.)

I did, however, get some serious inspiration at the HBO store in NYC yesterday, where the actual costumes of several True Blood characters are on display.

The actual costumes!!

If that dang security guard wasn't breathing down my neck, I might have tried to snag a thread from Eric's jacket (Alexander Skarsgard Wuz There!). At least I got a few pics.

Even though you can't buy the genuine articles, there are a few other options (Sookie's waitress uniform, anyone?) available at the online store. And if you have enough black items of clothing in your closet and a nearby S&M shop, you might be able to copy one of these looks (don't forget to pick up some fake fangs) ...

I think out of all the outfits worn by all the characters, Pam's kick-ass studded leather ensemble is my favorite. I would wear this every day if I could.

pam top

Oh, how I loved Eric with these clothes on ... even more with these clothes off, of course.

eric jacket

Another one from Pam's unbelievably hot wardrobe.

pam dress

Will you dress up as a character from True Blood this Halloween?


Images via The Stir

true blood


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Sidthe Sidthe

I'm being a vampire does that count?

Kristen Miller

The first dress is SO bad-ass! I NEED it!!! :)

Kristen Miller

I just wish the whole dress was shown. But regardless thanks for the pics, I didn't even know there was a physical HBO store, that's pretty friggin awesome.....You should've posted the pics you took with Alexander!!! Lol

nonmember avatar Christopher

An outfit that exudes the spirit of Halloween without coming across as juvenile or childish can be really hard to assemble and pull off, so I definitely agree that these are great inspirations.

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