LeAnn Rimes Totally Overreacts to Brandi Glanville 'Slam'

LeAnn RimesAs we've learned since we first met Brandi Glanville a few weeks ago on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she's not one to mince words, especially when it comes to someone who has scorned her (ahem, Kim Richards). And no one has scorned her more than LeAnn Rimes. So it's not surprising that when Wendy Williams asked Brandi what the woman who stole her husband is like as a stepmother, she bluntly replied, "Overbearing."

First of all, she started out trying to stay neutral, but Wendy pushed her, and "overbearing" isn't really that bad. I'm sure she had plenty of worse things on the tip of her tongue. But, of course, LeAnn took great offense and started a Twitter war.


The first deeply defensive tweet read:

I am his WIFE & their "bonus mom" and it's out of line after 3 years to continually discuss. Negativity does not help kids. Go promote your show if that's what you're really there to do

She followed that with:

I however will not be lied about. Obviously we are not in a good place like has been claimed and it’s not good for the kids. I’d like to see some resolve, but that doesn’t look like its happening anytime soon. #hopeforthebest.

And that's a positive thing to put out there? What about that "high road" she recently bragged about always taking? Plus, way to overreact. "Overbearing" is a pretty subjective term; I don't think you can call it lying if someone thinks you are and you don't agree. How about just letting it go, and not blowing up a huge media frenzy over one little word? I mean chalk it up to the fact that you deserve it (and more) and move on.

Brandi responded to LeAnn with a tweet that read:

Let's b clear just as u get asked about me,I get asked about u.It is my story & life also.I will answer honestly,don't b a hater

Exactly, though I hate to even see her acknowledge her nonsense at all. Brandi doesn't need to stoop to LeAnn's level. Even though LeAnn may have walked away with her husband, Brandi is the one who's winning here. She's starring on a ridiculously popular television show and gaining a strong following of fans; plus, she's reportedly dating a hot model who's 16 years younger than her (see picture above) -- go, Brandi. And LeAnn, well, she's stuck with Eddie and apparently a lot of time to tweet.

Do you think Brandi Glanville was wrong to call LeAnn Rimes "overbearing"?

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