Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling Were in Hot Guy Training Camp Together

ryan gosling justin timberlakeWell this just makes my frickin' day. Justin Timberlake went on Ellen (the episode will air Thursday) and talked about what it was like being on the Mickey Mouse Club with co-star Ryan Gosling. We all know the MMC back in the '90s produced some seriously famous stars like JT and Ryan, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Keri Russell, but what we don't really know is any of the behind-the-scenes gossip. 'Til now. Justin told Ellen that he and Ryan were roommates and that, at one point, his mom was Ryan's guardian.

Seriously? It's like Ryan and JT were in some sort of hot guy training camp as pre-teens, and it's almost too much for me to handle.


Like did they stand around working on their '90s slow body roll dance moves? You know the one. It's when you thrust your pelvis forward, throw back your back, and slowly roll up to standing position. OMG. Little Ryan and JT were totally practicing that together in front of their Orlando apartment's bathroom mirror.

Then they probably did some ab work. A few hundred crunches then 20 push-ups and Mrs. Timberlake would let them eat Pizza Hut and get a Slurpee. If they didn't complete their workout, it was steamed broccoli and a visit from Christina Aguilera as punishment.

I bet Ryan and JT also worked on their harmonizing. They threw on the Boyz II Men album and sang along with it. Ryan was obviously the baritone and got super annoyed that JT always got to sing the melody. Who wouldn't?

Then at night, in their twin beds separated by a Formica nightstand, they'd talk about their futures. Justin would say he wished a sketchy fat dude would sign him, JC Chasez, and three strangers to a boy band deal, and Ryan fantasized about getting out of the spotlight for a while, you know, maybe sit around shirtless waiting for the iron to get hot enough to strike, then having his pick of indie flick and big budget blockbusters.

When Mrs. Timberlake came in to turn off the lights, Justin would pull out a photo Britney and give it a sloppy smooch, and Ryan would pull out a Successories photo that read, "Success is science; if you have the conditions, you get the result" and give it a kiss, then do an extra 10 sit-ups.

In the morning they'd hit the MMC set tired but energized, ready to get their dance on.

That's how I see it, anyway.

How badly would you want to be a fly on the wall at young Justin and Ryan's apartment?


Photos via Splash News and Joe Shlapbotnik/Flickr

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