Justin Bieber's Juvenile Spending Sprees Are Stupid

justin bieberSomebody needs to put a lock on Justin Bieber's piggybank. And not give Selena Gomez the key. The tot just keeps on spending, and spending, and spending. I mean, yeah, the dude's rich, but he's shelling out cash for totally ridiculous -- totally unnecessary -- stuff. His latest check? It was for $3,400 so he and Selena could watch the movie Real Steel in a private theater.

Come on. Hasn't he heard what happens to child stars?


First off all, let me just say that I see no point in renting out a movie theater period. Even if it's a packed house, once the lights go down, it's a pretty private place. Even the most famous of people can go unrecognized. Shelling out over three Gs so you don't have to look at another silhouette, well, that's just ostentatious.

But ostentatious is Justin's style. I mean, it was only a month ago that he rented out the entire Staples Center for God knows how much so he and Selena could eat steak and watch Titanic. (Incidentally, two things they could totally do at home for free.) I get that he wants to impress his lady -- and it can't be too easy to impress a lady who makes considerable coin herself -- but he doesn't have to drop so much cash every time he wants to do something special. As corny as it sounds, it's the thought that counts.

And then there's the whole child star thing. Look, Justin's a talented guy (I guess), I'm sure he'll have a long(ish) and prosperous career. But once he hits his mid-to-late-20s -- well, it's Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson all over again. Not saying either of these '80s teen sensations is broke, but they're not racking in an eighth of what they once were. In other words: Be wise with your money, Biebs.

It's kind of a pointless issue to belabor, though, since A) the chances of me ever coming into contact with Justin -- and having this discussion with him -- are less than zero (Andrew McCarthy, another example!), and B) even if someone does sit Justin down for a discussion about money, well, I think the odds of him changing his ways are about the same.

Do you think the Biebs is spending too much money?


Image via iIoveJB123/Flickr

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