Lindsay Lohan's Morgue Malfunction Might Save Her Life


lindsay lohanSo, the way I see it, things are looking up for Lindsay Lohan. Stop laughing, I'm serious. Yes, LiLo showed up late for her court-ordered community service stint at the county morgue this morning. That's right, let's say it again: At the MORGUE. Where she'll be working mostly as a janitor, "emptying trash, vacuuming, cleaning toilets" and the like.

Not only was Lohan late, the excuse she gave for her tardiness was the lamest I've ever heard come out of her mouth, and that's saying a lot: She couldn't find the entrance. To the morgue. To the morgue she's visited previously. And entered, presumably.

So WHY am I saying that things are looking up for Lindsay, you ask? Well, they always say you've got to hit rock bottom before you can start your climb back up to the top, right?

Honey, if showing up late to your gig scrubbing toilets at the county morgue because you couldn't find the front door ain't hitting rock bottom, I don't know what is.

Actually, there is one level of rock bottom even lower, but that involves showing up to the morgue in a body bag, which is even less flattering than the last outfit LiLo wore to court, and there's no coming back up from there.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. What are we supposed to do with you? Lohan has gone way over the trouble starlet line now. Hell, she's entered full-on cartoon villain territory, what with the chewing tobacco-tinted teeth and Cruella de Vil make-up and crazed, I-did-enough-meth-to-kill-a-horse-today facial expressions. All she needs now is ominous theme music that starts playing whenever she enters the room.

But, like I said, maybe this latest, er, misadventure is a sign of better days ahead. I mean, come on. How low can she go?

I'm just praying Lohan's next screw-up as a morgue employee doesn't involve a Weekend at Bernie's-type stunt that ends with some poor stiff being catapulted into Charlie Sheen's pool.

Do you think things could get any worse for Lindsay Lohan?

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lindsay lohan


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mompam mompam

She looks like she belongs in a morgue. Her makeup looks awful!

nonmember avatar Liz

If being late to the morgue isn't rock bottom, then that make up certainly is

Maias... MaiasMommy619

LMAO I was going to say this nasty looking biatch belongs in the morgue..what the hell did she do to herself..she used to be so beautiful?? YUCK!

linds... lindsey9381

Well if you are going to write a story about this then you need to get it right! 

Apparently Lohan did not get the message, as she did not show up at the morgue Thursday morning on time as ordered, Fox News has learned.

Lohan's assistant called the morgue 20 minutes before the actress' scheduled 8 a.m. start, saying she was in the car and on the way, a rep for the coroner's office told Fox News.

At 20 minutes after 8 a.m., Lohan was still nowhere to be found. At 40 minutes after, she finally showed up, but was turned away, and told to try again tomorrow.

And it gets worse.

The coroner's office told Fox News they will also contact her probation officer about her no-show, who will then inform the judge.

Read more:

I don't think she has gotten it yet and she thinks she is entitled cause she is an actress ( not very good on imo), she is has not hit rock bottom yet! 

purpl... purple_creeper

Lilo needs sumone that cares about her :c

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