New 'Breaking Dawn' Photos Show Bella & Edward at Their Most Intimate

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Patience, my fellow Twi-Hards! The opening of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is just one month from today -- one month! If we made it this far, surely we can hold on a little bit longer. Especially since Summit Entertainment released another handful of brand-new stills from the film today, and personally, these are my favorite shots yet!

What I love about some of these pics is how natural and candid they seem. It feels like we're really getting a sneak peek into the everyday existence of Edward and Bella, catching glimpses of sincere, spontaneous moments. Like this shot above of Bella playfully clutching Edward's shirt. Aww, don't they just look like a couple of goofy kids in love?

There's more of that natural, not-too-posed feel in photos of other characters, too, like this one that captures the rapt faces of the Cullen clan watching Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart exchange wedding vows ...



Doesn't Esme just look like the proudest mom ever?

(Jasper still kinda looks like he wants to eat Bella, but we know he's trying.)

kristen stewart ashley greene

I love this one of Bella and Alice doing the girl talk thing, too. Clearly they're talking about Bella's shoes:  

I can't walk in these, Alice, I'm gonna fall!  

No, you won't, I can see into the future, remember?  

I don't care, just give me back my sneakers!

kristen stewart robert pattinson

Then there's this sweet scene, which should go down in history as the Crossing the Threshold Pic to End All Crossing the Threshold Pics.


Which one of these pics is your favorite?


Images via Summit Entertainment

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