Selena Gomez Goes Gangsta With Her Bra Hanging Out (VIDEO)


Selena Gomez Yes, that's a half-naked Selena Gomez.Send the screaming little girls out of the room. Selena Gomez has gone gangsta. And the queen of tween TV just gave the world a peek at her bra and her tummy! Maybe Harold Camping was right, the end of the world really is nigh? Prepare your zombie-fighting materials, pronto!

Up until now, Gomez has done a straight-up amazing job of balancing normal teen behavior with parent-pleasing. As the arrest of child actor Mitchel Musso on DUI charges proved just today, it's not easy being a Disney star on the verge of adulthood. But her squeaky clean song lyrics and relationship with Jesus-loving Justin Bieber have kept her from falling into the Lindsay Lohan trap.

So one can only imagine what the Biebs is thinking today, watching the one lady he plans to marry and get pregnant -- as soon as he actually hits adulthood himself that is -- flashing her over the shoulder boulder holder in a promo for the upcoming MTV European Music Awards. Gomez is hosting the event in Belfast on November 1, and she celebrated with a rap song congratulating herself on landing the gig:

Holy alter ego, Batman! Selena Gomez is already adorable, but scruffy Selena is hawt!

It can't be a coincidence that this video with two different Selenas surfaced on the same day that Monte Carlo hits DVD. The movie features Gomez as a fresh-eyed high school grad out of middle America who ventures to Europe on an adventure, only to end up assuming the life of a naughty heiress who just so happens to look exactly like her. The premise sounds racy, but having watched it with my enthralled 6-year-old, I can tell you it's classic Gomez: super sweet.

This video, on the other hand ... folks, it's Selena Gomez pretending to be a gangsta. We've got some cleavage that is certainly va va voom. But if this kind of video came from any other actress, we'd have moved on already. 

It's really only news because it's Selena Gomez trying to rap and showing some lacy underthings. There's no boob. It's all PG. She certainly can't help how she fills out that cup at 19. And darn it if she doesn't even make her attempt at the F bomb sound cute!

I'm guessing some parents will freak over this. But then, those parents really shouldn't let their kids watch MTV anyway. Just because Selena Gomez grew up a teeny weeny bit doesn't mean those kids have to.

Do you think this will hurt Selena's super sweet image any more than the thought of her one day making babies with Justin Bieber?


Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar Liz

She's 19, not 13, she's more covered up than if she was at the beach. If parents get made at that they ought to just throw their tvs and computers away.

.seal... .sealuchas.

No reason to get upset about it. She has stayed innocnet longer than anyother teen celebrity. I like her a lot. She is a great rol emodel for kids!

Susie19 Susie19

She's still really cute! :)

nonmember avatar Reipem

She's cute..

Bibiana Garcel

I saw the ad and thought nothing of it except that it was too cute for me. No one should have a problem with this. Those that do are letting (or even enforcing) their children to follow and look up to celebrities based on convenience (easier for a parent to say so-and-so would not do this so you shouldnt either).

abbyw... abbywoods

wow if miley was dressed like that everyone would call her a slut or a whore but selena they call cute?!?! That's just messed up and since when did selenas boobs get that big not anytime soon its fake!!! Selena is a bitch

nonmember avatar Brandi

There is nothing wrong with what she's wearing. And Selena has a right to grow up just because some people can't deal with that it's not her problem. I enjoyed the video.

nonmember avatar Candace

"abbywoods" bitch, you mad? yes you are :) I love how you miley fans keep posting on Selena videos and now here that "if miley did that or wore that she would be called a whore, slut..... but since it's Selena it's cute, innocent, or she's just growing up." uh no, you miley fans (& some bieber fans + others) are stupid because if you would check what people say about her then you would know she is being called all kinds of names. just like the way you are calling her a bitch, fake and all other kinds of shit. go back to fucking miley.

tracy... tracylynnr67

She's an ADULT...who cares HOW she dresses or what she does AS AN ADULT?????? Or rather....WHY does anyone care?

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