A Teresa Giudice Cooking Show Is Gag-Worthy


Teresa GiudiceHere's a thought to give you some major indigestion -- Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey plans on hosting her own televised cooking show. A source told The Huffington Post that in her grand plan to take over our televisions, after she finishes her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, she plans to move on to her own cooking show.

There's no word that any network has expressed interest or agreed to produce one, but this is Teresa, so reality doesn't really matter because she doesn't live in it. At one point in time, such a show with her may have been entertained with something less than disgust, but after the way she's acted this season -- and especially on part one of the reunion last night -- I don't think there are many people who could stomach it.

Her cookbooks may be one thing (and even there the third one was filled with lies and slams), when there are editors involved, but her unleashed on a show by herself sounds dangerous. She can't seem to tell the truth about ANYTHING, so how would we be able to trust her recipes? I can just see her making stuff up because she forgot or couldn't be bothered to get the details right, then we would all end up wasting our groceries on inedible dinners. "It was a joke!" I can hear her saying when the cooking masses complain.

Also, can you imagine the little digs and slams she could get in with 30 minutes all to herself? No one would be safe ... not that they are anyway. Plus, her laugh ... makes people want to put their head in an oven after a few minutes -- not good for a cooking show.

There are so many Real Housewives that would make much better cooking show hosts that people would actually enjoy watching and learning from. People like Bethenny Frankel, or Sonja Morgan with her toaster oven recipes, or even Teresa's current rival -- Caroline Manzo (wouldn't that burn her up?). But I think television has given us about as much of Teresa as we can take.

So for the sake of all of our stomachs, I hope that this is just a rumor or Teresa just ruminating about what she'd like to see happen rather than what really will happen. Sure, I suppose we could turn the channel if we don't like it, but the problem is that such a recipe for disaster would be impossible to resist. Grab the Rolaids.

Would you watch a Teresa Giudice cooking show? Which Real Housewife do you think would make the best cooking show host?

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nonmember avatar Chiu

God bless her. The more negative people are towards her, makes me like her more & I wish her every success in whatever she does. I think she should leave the show for her family, if they want to sell & belittle their family for fame & money then good luck to them.

Lisa Vierra-harvey

Most people get a bit defensive when attacked-I wasnt suprised by Theresa G's behavior at the reunion. As the author of this post, you should of mentioned the hypocracy demonstrated on the season of RHNJ & reunion show. What? Only Theresa was out of line? Refresher; Caroline teaches the irrational "do as I say, not what I do" method of parenting & rules for friendship (not unlike the smoker who lectures others on not smoking), Kathy makes snarky comments covered by big sad eyes, a rolling tear or two and a dash of smirk -while using her hubby to express her more unladylike opinions, Melissa changes character so quickly that producers should provide a warddrobe change as the marker determining which multiple personality she is portraying, and Theresa is a hot-tempered foul mouthed woman who has a poor grasp on diction and grammar-while pretending she doesnt have any problems. Sorry whoever wrote this blog...but I'll take the latter over 1)a Hypocritical UNappointed Judge or 2) a passive-aggressive cousin with a Soft voice & Forked tongue or 3) a Fame Seeking Sybil who invokes the name of Jesus for pots of gold.
My hope is that the whole show is staged.

Lisa Vierra-harvey

and I WOULD watch a Theresa G cooking show!

w.mar... w.martinez

I totally agree, Lisa! I'd watch it too!

Susan Schildt

I would  never watch this  delusional woman. Her voice is grating and I hope she gets "fired" by Trump from the get go. Or maybe she will pull a NeNe and quit when things  don't go her way.

teria... teriashley76

I would not watch her cooking show just because he voice is irratating and to me she is sort of air headed and Fake with a capital F. Why would you bad mouth people who have been there for you when you need them most. I just don't get it and then make a comment about their kids idea that is just wrong I hope Jaqueline comes back and I missed her at the reunion


Ivette Castellanos Morris

I agree completely with Lisa. I believe this site is an Anti-Teresa site. She did many things wrong but she did not change. If you see RHONJ from its inception you realize that! I would love to see her leave the show and be successful in another arena. I think we all need to be fair and just.

nonmember avatar Sara

I would watch because you can't turn away from a trainwreck. I would watch to see if it would be about her food or just another way to bash her family and friends. If anyone I would love to see Bethenny get her own cooking show. I feel that she is the most successfull housewife.

Ruth Long Zinicola

Okay, I have had enough of the fame whore!  If I could get my money back from her cookbooks,  I would.  In the meantime, I have thrown them into the "don't read these" bookshelf in my house!  I am so over this trashy woman and her disgusting husband and bratty kids!  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! 

nonmember avatar nyda

dont be so harsh on teresa plz.

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