Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lopez Are a Perfect Match


Bradley CooperRemember last month when Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez were spotted having a cozy little romantic dinner at Per Se in New York? Rumors flew fast and furious that they were dating, but they claimed it was just business, then things died down a bit. But this weekend we found out that they may have been fibbing about their romantic feelings for one another. Shocker.

After Cooper was seen with a woman who looked oh so like JLo Saturday in Los Angeles, sources told People they are in fact dating. "She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh."

I admit my first thought was NOOOO! She is not good enough for Bradley, because he's just ... Bradley Cooper. But the more I think about it, I actually think they could be good for one another right now. Let me explain ...

First of all, it's not going to last, and they both probably know it -- perfect for a rebound relationship for her and a nice no-strings fling for him. As dreamy as Bradley is, he's not exactly known for a penchant for commitment, and she's not either, so why not have some fun in the meantime. And they're both just so pretty.

Plus, he may just knock her down a little from her high horse. She may claim to still be Jenny from the block, but she's been displaying her diva ways a lot recently. Cooper may just be tough and down-to-earth enough to tell her like it is. Let's hope so anyway.

And she could really get him out of pickle. It seems that Fat Actress star Kirstie Alley is hot for Cooper and wants to hunt him down, cougar style. A source told the National Enquirer (yes, I  know, but sometimes they're right) that she is pining over him:

Kirstie has been des­perate for a date with Bradley. Since dropping the pounds, Kirstie believes she can have any man in Hollywood – and Bradley is her number one pick.

Now, he has the perfect excuse as to why he's going to have to resist her, and Kirstie will just have to hunt elsewhere. If nothing else, that's got to be a good reason for Lopez and Cooper to date, no?

And finally, if he and Jennifer Aniston aren't going to give us our Brad and Jen back, then at least we can get it via him and this Jennifer. It's not perfect, but nothing really is when it comes to Hollywood romance, now is it?

So see, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez are a perfect match ... for a few weeks anyway.

What do you think about Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez dating?

Image via bennyup/Flickr

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sweet... sweetcherry_59

They seem so mismatched to me I just don't see how it can work....but then again they might just shock us all!

nonmember avatar Mary

His stock will go WAAAY down after hooking up with her. See Ben Affleck. He looked ridiculous, like her lap poodle. And in that blingy video of hers on the boat. He needs to RUN.

Marsh... Marshallsmom422

Who cares, let them date who they want without the whole word having a say in it.

Cija Foster

why cant this homewrecker stay away from dating until she can figure out why all her relationships fail.


why can't she just stay home ?

Joy Beckenbach

Call me old-fashioned but I come from an era where if you broke up with someone, you gave yourself a little time before jumping into the next relationship.  And if it was a marriage that broke down, much more time.  But these celebs jump from bed to bed and put no thought whatsoever into their choice of spouse, then get a multimillion dollar deal with gossip rags for the story and pics when said relationship craps out.  No wonder you got kids flaunting their sexuality way too early.  They have no other role models!

nonmember avatar Mira

I am SO over la Lopez, I don't know how I'm going to watch Idol. Her head just grows & grows. She's so diva she's annoying. I have no interest in her, her clothes, her kids, her ex... I never thought she had much talent in any area.

jilly... jillyann0317

Seriously, how many times is this crazy woman gonna go for it. She is so annoying in all of her biographies on TV. Every single time talking about how she found her true love, blah, blah, blah. It was one thing when it was just her, if a guy is stupid enough to after a woman with her track record, then stupid him. But now that she has the twins... how many "uncles" do you think they're gonna be subjected to as she bores with the male figure in her life & changes them more often than her underwear. This woman has some serious issues to work through. She's like the praying mantis of Hollywood.

Nancy... Nancygray2

  Jennifer does need to give her self some time for herself and think about her children more that to start thinking about the next love interest! I'm dissapointed I would think that after having her twins she would stop being so selfish.  

nonmember avatar Wendy

I think they are mismatched and I hope they don't last! She does have issues and he can do WAY better then her any day! I agree with comment above who said Ben Affleck's stock went down after he dated JLO and I agree and I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to Bradley Cooper, he is Better then that.

Danie... Danielitosmom

At least he looks so much better that Marc Anthony , i don't know what she saw in him, but any way it wont last.

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