ANTM: Finale is Tonight! Who Will It Be?

America's Next Top Model

Photo by: ANTM/The CW

Who Will Be America's Next Top Model? Tonight is the finale and Cafe Michele Z is having some friends over to watch it! They even have a pretend panel and to  “judge” each other’s outfits and model walks!  Our Beauty & Style Buzz diva has given me wonderful recaps for America's Next Top Model.  Here is Cafe Michele Z's recap from last week's episode, to prepare you for the grand finale.  Spoiler alert, as always!


How Do You Say Making Out In Dutch?

Oh my…I’ve been doing well in predicting who is going to be sent packing, but now it’s down to the final three! Before we dish on who’s left, let’s talk about the last episode. OMG Marjorie! First, she wins the challenge where they have to smooch male model Mark Vanderloo, but then she locks lips with the guy who took them around in the boats. Say what?

In her attempt to not be so quirky she lost her personality in front of the judges, but she sure let it show when they had those boys over the house. Lots of tongue action! Thank goodness we didn’t have a repeat of that mess Shandi was in from a few seasons back. I can still hear her boyfriend’s sad voice in my head. And if you remember, Shandi got sent home that episode. So this time it’s Marjorie making out in the hot tub (sans boyfriend at home) and she was sent packing, too. Future contestants take note: Don’t get your freak on while on Tyra’s watch!

Out of the three remaining, who will be America’s Next Top Model? I’m rooting for Annalee, but I think Mckey is going to give her a good run. I think Sam won’t make it to the runway show.

Are you watching tonight? Who do you think will be the winner?

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