Bethenny Frankel Made Nowhere NEAR $120 Million


bethenny frankelOh no. This has been a bad week for Ms. Bethenny Frankel. First we hear that she made up the whole lost-at-sea story for her Bravo reality show, and now we find out she lied (er, kinda lied?) about how much she made by selling her Skinnygirl cocktail business to the Beam corporation. The rumor, which she never confirmed nor denied, was that she got $120 million out of the deal, but according the the SEC filing from Beam, Bethenny made nowhere near that much. Nowhere near. The report shows, are you sitting? That she earned $8.1 million.

You know that Countless and Zarin are having a field day with this news.

But wait, there's more.

Bethenny isn't the sole owner of the brand, so those assets are divided somehow, and furthermore, the record shows that she can earn bonuses depending on the success of Skinnygirl, but she can't earn more than $25 million -- close to a full $100 million LESS than we were led to believe.

True, Bethenny never disclosed what she made. But remember when Andy Cohen asked her on Watch What Happens Live about it? He was all, I heard you made $120 million from the deal. And she was all Smiles McHappyShrugs and said, coyly, that she can't really say what the number is, but that she's really happy, etc. etc. Lying by omission much? And WWHL wasn't the only place Bethenny demurely didn't deny the rumors, I feel like I saw her talk about the enormous figure a hundred times.

This isn't to say that $8.1 million or $25 million is nothing -- it's to say that Bethenny may have gotten a little too big for her britches. Did she not think the news was ever going to come out? I think she could've handled this whole thing differently. When asked about the inflated amount, she could've said that she's heard the rumors, that she made nowhere near that amount of money, that she wishes she had, and that she's still extremely proud and happy.

Because now? All those other New York Housewife bitches are frothing at the mouth. I strongly dislike all of them, Bethenny's by far my fave, and I hate to see them have any reason to think better of themselves. I can't stand to imagine Zarin's reaction to this news. Her eyes wide, her blood pumping, her text to Countless that would read something like "Didya hear?? ;)" make me wanna vom.

Are you surprised to hear Bethenny didn't make $120 million?


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Janet Marie

I am not surprised and it is none of my business, or yours, what she DID make. And, as she should have, she did not disclose the amount. Good for you, B.

Jennifer Cox Carter

I love Bethanny. Its no one's business what she made on that deal. She has never confirmed or denied what she got, so why should she be called a liar for it? Why is this even news?

Christine Alebrande-Napolitano

Does it really matter???..She's Rich..Awesome hubby, beautiful healthy daughter & doin what she LoVes!!...Tell me who wouldn't faint to earn a mere $8 million on an idea..Please

Jennifer Lee

She never said she made that much, and she said she was happy with what she DID earn.  That should be enough but, for some reason, people actually believe they have the right to know.  


Maria Ruettiger


   The problem here is people ASSUMED,, YES THEY MADE AN ASS OUTTA THEMSELVES!!  She never said yes!! that is the BIG DIFFERENCE!! Go Bethany!!!  she still made MILLIONS..!!!! UNLIKE some of the others she is doing quite well for herself and she is very happy too!!  The other need to get a life and leave her alone !! 

Tamika Harris-Johnson

Exactly what is in that report that can prove it's about bethenny

Mary Chairez Rose

Who cares she still made a lot of money but she is doing what she loves and haters are always there to talk crap about her hint hint jill and countess.

nonmember avatar Lydia

Y r u hating on bethenny? I love her, respect her work ethic. Who cares how much she made . It's a respectable amount. Good for her , for not disclosing it .

Pamela Pamela Isdell-fox

Wow!! WTH!! A little envious of Bethanny aren't you?? when did you last earn a million let alone the multi-million she created n her help. She is brilliant and successful and the author of this jealous little tirad will never come close to accomplishing what she has. Gawd!!

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