5 Reasons Kim Kardashian's Marriage Is a Sham

kim KardashianThe "I do"s are still echoing, but already there are murmurings that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries aren't basking in newlywed bliss but are rather racked with regret that they ever got married. Or at least Kim is, according to the cover of Life & Style's October 17 issue.

Splashed across a picture of a distraught, but still beautifully coiffed, picture of Kim are the words: "'What have I done?' Kim realizes her marriage is a mistake and demands a break from Kris." Why am I not surprised? From the get-go their relationship has been filled with bickering and drama. About 99 percent of their wedding special was about how flawed their relationship was, and besides a sweet moment when they renewed their vows (sorta) on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, we just haven't seen a lot of love between the two. It's all starting to feel a little more scripted than even the usual Kardashian happenings.


More and more I'm inclined to believe we've been set up from the beginning to believe this is a flawed relationship, so that when they do announce their split, no one will be all that surprised. And no one will suspect what is becoming more and more clear: This wedding was one big sham for publicity and they've been plotting the breakup from the beginning. Don't believe me? Consider these five things:

1. Would Kim really fall for a guy like Kris Humphries when she could have any guy she wanted? I'm trying not to be mean, but when Khloe likened him to Frankenstein, I don't think she was too far off the mark. His personality is less than sparkling as well based on the random grunts we hear from him.

2. She's already said she regrets the wedding. Wouldn't a truly ecstatic bride in love with her new husband think that every single moment of stress was worth it (or pretend to), and just want to talk about the glory of it all for at least a couple of months? Instead she says she wishes it never happened out loud and in a very public manner. Hmmm.

3. There's no way she's going to live in Minnesota or anywhere else Kris Humphries and his career drag them. She's looking to open a hotel in Dubai, not join the Junior League and sit on the sidelines. She would not have entered a "real" marriage in which she'd really need to make such sacrifices.

4. These are the Kardashians we're talking about. Everything is just one big script to get more publicity and viewers. 

5. It just feels like it. I've felt very few -- if any -- sparks between Kim and Kris. No one even cried at their wedding. Something just feels very off, and I won't be surprised if they call it off for good soon so that they can both move on with their (now even more famous and rich) lives.

I'm not sure whether to hope it's truly a sham or not. On one hand, if it is, we've all been duped big time. They may have pulled off one of the biggest publicity stunts of all time and raked in some serious dough along the way as we played right along. If not, well, then it seems Kim is stuck in what appears to be a pretty miserable marriage. But either way, we can at least likely look forward to Kim's Nightmare Divorce: A Kardashian Special in the near future.

Do you think Kim Kardashian's wedding was one big sham?

Image via Celeb Dirty Laundry

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