Liberace Movie Gives Michael Douglas His Hottest Love Interest Yet


HBO has always been known for its steamy onscreen content. Whether it's filthy vampire-on-human action, a show entirely focused on the implied length and girth of a male gigolo's personal anatomy, or a documentary that explores fringe carnal desires such as, ahem, "pony play," the Home Box Office network rarely shies away from adult material.

Which is why I am so incredibly excited to hear about Behind the Candelabraa new HBO movie that finally brings together two actors so many of us have been dying to see get it on. It's time for Eric and Sookie to step aside as cable's hottest couple, because they pale in comparison to the smoldering chemistry that's sure to light up the screen with these two.

I am, of course, talking about Matt Damon and Michael Douglas.

HBO has confirmed that they will be airing a long-awaited biopic about Liberace, and the film will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. Scheduled to begin production next summer, Behind the Candelabra will focus on the legendary pianist and his relationship with his younger live-in lover—which was both tempestuous and dangerous, since coming out at that time would surely have jeopardized Liberace's career.

Liberace will be played by Michael Douglas, and in a casting choice I can only describe as sheer genius, his lover Scott Thorson will be played by Matt Damon.

The two Hollywood heavyweights are scheduled to share some intimate moments, although I'm disappointed to report their physical affections will likely be limited to kissing. Still, Damon seems raring at the chance to lock lips with his costar:

It's scripted that there's more than one. I never thought I would get to kiss Michael Douglas.

While both actors have worked with Soderberg before (Douglas was in Traffic, while Damon starred in the Ocean’s films, The Informant, and Contagion), this is the first time they've been been in the same film together. Which I'm sure will make that first kiss all the hotter! Just imagine, all these years of pent-up desire, finally exploding onscreen in a glittery spray of sparkly costumes and sequined pianos.

The movie, which is based on Thorson's book Behind the Candelabra: My Life, has been in the works since 2009, so I'm sure everyone is excited to ... you know, make it happen (nudge nudge, wink wink). I know I'm awfully interested to see how Douglas does as a wildly flamboyant entertainer, and how Damon comes across as his lover. Considering Thorson was 17 years old when he first met Liberace in 1976, I imagine these roles will require a fair amount of stage presence—and stage makeup.

What do you think of the casting for this biopic? Can you see Michael Douglas as Liberace? (Or Matt Damon as his boyfriend?)

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nonmember avatar Fay Ann Lee

I love both these actors, and I do think Michael Douglas is a an inspired choice to play Liberace. I'm wondering, however, why they wouldn't choose to cast gay actors to play at least one of these 2 roles. I'm sure there are plenty of gay actors who would jump at a chance to inhabit a role that they have lived and identify with. It's sort of like casting named Chinese actors to play geishas in Memoirs of a Geisha when they could've cast actresses from Japan who could have painted a much more accurate interpretation of the characters. Nuance in behavior/thought/action in these types of roles/stories become so important in fulfilling the authenticity of that world. I wish at least one of the two roles could've gone to a gay actor!

nonmember avatar Karen

Why this is considered "hot" by the author is beyond me.

nonmember avatar Rufoscoe

I think Damon is a good choice - my favorite Damon film was The Talented Mr. Ripley - dark and sexually charged. I like Douglas, don't know how he would be as Liberace. Douglas I'm sure would be a good gay man, but he's pretty intense, it will be interesting to see how he handles Liberace's flamboyance. As far as gay actors playing gay roles, I don't think it's necessary - look at the job Ledger and Gyllenhall did in Brokeback. That was an amazing film. I'm looking forward to this film, but I'll have a real critical eye on Douglas - he's great. I loved him as Gordon Gecko. It will be intersting to see how he downplays his manic intensity with out being too over the top campy (a contradiction I know when playing Liberace :-)

-Eilish- -Eilish-

I think it's sick personally - it's unfortunate Douglas is particpating, I had much more respect for him as an actor before reading this.


nonmember avatar stephanie

Hollywood is obsessed with shoving the gay agenda down American's throat. I will not be watching this movie or anything else with these two "celebrities".

Ann7227 Ann7227

I won't watch it.

Sekirei Sekirei

ohhh I love Liberace!! Now I wish I had cable.


and the comments are making me giggle...they are making a biopic of a very popular gay man.... what? did you want them to ignore the gay part?

nonmember avatar Simon

Michael Douglas as Liberace and Soderbergh directing? Amazing! This should be a biopic with some serious edge. Can't wait.

nonmember avatar Venson Thomas

Enough already! I find the idea offensive not because of the gay characters but because Michael Douglas, never before a big screen heart-throb in my opinion, has deigned to play a homosexual role after all this time. He doesn't even match up to his dad at playing "butch" parts. Gay people everywhere should feel insulted.

Matt Damon at least did fantastic work in The Amazing Mr. Ripley. Suffice it to say, by now johhny-come-lately and long in the tooth Mr. Douglas has yet to amaze me.

Beside which, haven't we any gay actors around willing or wanted to start playing these parts? It's a bit tiresome watching straight actors as of late condescending to play the parts of homosexuals in an industry where, for actors, actually happening to be a homosexual is a career killer?

This is like the old days of white actors wearing black-face, etc. when few if any black, native American, Asian, or any other color of actor perfectly capable for parts where they related were passed by.

nonmember avatar Annonymous

This is sick!!! I too am sick of Hollywood shoving the homosexual lifestyle down our throats!! I have lost all respect for Matt Damon. I loved the Bourne movies but this is way over the top!!

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