Bethenny Frankel’s Drowning in a Sea of Her Own Lies

bethenny frankelWho are you more apt to believe: Bethenny Frankel, who's got a reality show to make interesting, or a rescue-boat driver, who may or may not just want to get his name in the news. It's a toughie. We remember the story of Bethenny being lost at sea -- the boat she was on got lost for 21 hours while she, husband Jason, and six Bravo crew members were on board. We heard her tell the harrowing tale to anyone who'd listen, detailing her thoughts of orphaning Bryn and the overall horror that was the ordeal ... but now the rescue-boat driver is calling shenanigans. Interesting.

In one corner we've got a 95-pound loud-mouth with a skinny empire and show to promote! In the other, we've got a 40-year-old veteran sailor with a bone to pick. Let's get ready to rrrrrrumble!


Tim Russell, the guy called in to rescue the "stranded" boat, told the Jewish Journal that Bethenny's boat was totally fine and wasn't disabled in the least. He says the GPS was fully functioning and that he didn't even need to tow the boat in. They just motored to shore behind him. Sounds like Bethenny's nightmare at sea wasn't anything but a scripted adventure for her new reality show.

After much thought and a few sleepless nights, I've decided that Russell is telling the truth and it's Bethenny who's the liar, liar, pants on fire. I like Bethenny and all, I watch her shows and really enjoy a Skinnygirl margarita, but I do believe this whole lost-at-sea thing was a scam. It pains me to acknowledge it, but it seems all too contrived to be true.

For example, pretty convenient that the Bravo crew was on board to film everything, right? Also realizing that everyone loves a dramatic story involving life and death, their little scenario has garnered Bethenny a lot of free publicity. Then there's the fact that I doubt Russell has the motivation to tell a lie. He's not getting paid for his side of the story. He's just answering questions honestly when they're asked. And as for that tip of $2,800 that Bethenny told Ellen DeGeneres she'd given him? Not true, he says. But only because he doesn't work for tips, he has an hourly rate.

I feel so used. I know reality TV is supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, but now I feel like I'll need a horse-sized salt lick to get through her show. She was never lost, it was all staged, and then she made Russell look like a greedy jerk in the press. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Do you think Bethenny made it all up for TV? Does this make you feel differently about her or her show?


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