Sexy 'Avengers' Trailer Will Make You a Superhero Fan (VIDEO)

You've got Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, and the whole freaking thing is directed by Joss Whedon. Ladies, I ask you—has there ever been a movie more likely to light up your nerd chakras (and warm your drawers) like The Avengers?

Oh, and I guess Scarlett Johansson is in it as Black Widow, a role which seems to primarily feature her ability to sausage herself into a leather costume, but whatever on her, can we get back to the dudes? 


Nearly four years after "the Avengers initiative" was teased during the final moments of 2008's Iron Man, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are nearly ready to kick ass and take names on the big screen. The Avengers is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 4, 2012, and the first trailer has officially hit the web.

Considering the level of slobbering fan expectation over this movie, it would have been all too easy for the trailer to disappoint. However, I think you'll agree that this sneak peek was custom-designed to both whet our appetites and leave us clamoring for more:

I mean, COME ON. That's just pure unadulterated awesomeness right there. Snark from Tony Stark, a smug godlike chuckle from Thor, Hawkeye blowing shit up with his explosive arrows, and a tantalizing glimpse of The Hulk! Patented badassery from Samuel J., Thor villain Loki being all villainous, and even that stick-up-his-butt Agent Coulson! Black Widow ... wearing her little outfit!

Aside from the general fun and mayhem the movie promises to deliver, I'm frankly in a bit of a lather over the male cast. I just saw Thor and so I'm officially in love with Chris Hemsworth, I've always had a thing for Robert Downey Jr., and the surprise—the sexy surprise—of Mark Ruffalo is just too much. These guys can avenge my planet anytime, is all I'm saying.

(Not that I've been playing a festive mental game of "Marry, F*ck, or Kill" all morning with the just-released trailer, or anything.) (I totally have.) (Clearly the options are as follows: marry Robert Downey Jr., kill ScarJo because she serves no purpose here, and have a hot monkey manwich with Chris Hemsworth AND Mark Ruffalo. You can have Chris Evans, he doesn't really do it for me.) (This totally assumes marriage includes sex.)

What do you think of the trailer? Does it have you looking forward to seeing the film?

Image via YouTube

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