'Glee' Adoption Controversy Has Awful Timing


Mark Salling Idina MenzelGlee fans cheered when Ryan Murphy promised to give up on cutesy themed episodes and guest star stunts in favor of real character development in season three. But the very thing that's been drawing viewers back has got the powerful adoption community up in arms. 

A new online petition campaign complains that the show is failing to show the truth about adoption with Quinn Fabray's teen mom storyline. And if you thought Fox's decision to bump off all new Glee episodes until November had bad timing (silly baseball!), the planners of this protest might be even further off-course.

These folks had every right to be angry with the show's creators way back in season one or maybe even season two. Remember, when cheerleader Quinn popped out the baby she accidentally conceived during a one-nighter with Puck, a new mom magically appeared in the form of Idina Menzel's Shelby Corcoran, and the little teen queen's life went back to normal? That was not a real adoption story. For a real adoption story, I have to say it: go watch Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on MTV's Teen Mom.

There's no adoptive mom fairy who waves her wand and gives the biological parents a chance to be footloose and fancy free forever more. There's stress, stress, and a whole lot more stress. And for the adoptive parents, it's very rare that a baby simply "falls in your lap" like that. It was an unfair showing all around for both sides of the coin.

But the petition mounted by Amber Austin, a mom who adopted a 1-year-old last year, and spread by other parents, takes issue with the new Glee plotline, the one that shows Dianna Agron's Quinn finally showing some strain from her teen pregnancy and decision not to raise her daughter. In case you missed it (where have you been??), the storyline that's just getting off the ground shows mom Shelby is having her own issues with placing her own daughter, Rachel, in the arms of two gay men a decade and a half before. So Shelby's back in Lima and working toward a more open adoption, something that reflects the set-up of more than HALF of today's adoptions (67 percent are at least semi-open). And rebellious Quinn suddenly wants her kid back.

Austin says adoption law precludes Quinn from taking baby Beth away from Shelby. She's absolutely right.

But excuse me for thinking that's the whole point ... ?

We're seeing Quinn go absolutely off the rails. The Glee writers showed her with a Ryan Seacrest tramp stamp and pink hair after two straight years of being Little Miss Perfect. Going after her baby is another sign of that persona imploding. The writers were finally giving us character development, and then the baseball schedule cut them off at the knees. We don't know if they were going to treat Quinn's idea like it had meat or continue with the "teen in need of an intervention" plotline, but so far, things are promising. Can we wait until we see what they do with it before we ask for their heads on a platter?

Do you think the adoption community has a right to be angry with the Glee writers yet?


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Lizzy Leigh Vasquez

Really, people? You're getting upset because a teen soap opera doesn't show adoption in it's true and perfect light? Get over yourselves!  The show is full of inaccuracies that people just ignore because it's a freaking TV show.  It will be forgotten in a year or two once it's finally done and over with.  Yes, Quinn is experiencing some grief, and I bet Puck is too, but this isn't an After School Special.  It's fluff, treat it like it.

Roses... Rosesandlilys

No I dont. I think its ridiculous for them to be angry about this. I personally am tired of everyone always having an issue with something. It gets old.

Washington Delgado

honestly... its just a tv show! GROW UP people,

Jessie Baade

Not so long ago, you couldn't say the word "pregnancy" on television and couples had to sleep in twin beds or have at least one foot on the ground. And heaven forbid someone showed a belly button! Just the fact that anyone is considering the repurcussions of teen sex (and gay teen sex ....I couldn't imagine!) is miles ahead of where were used to be. They may not agree with the message but at least there is a discussion.

Mariah Kiddo Bolton

I understand them being bothered that it shoes unrealistic scenarios. But it's a show! A Teen Show. It's supposed to be over the top and dramatic. That's what we/they like. That's what gets ratings. Not to mention it would take soooo many episodes just to plot a real adoption out. Everyone should have enough common sense to know that adoption takes way longer than one night, or a month, and some take a year. Just let it be.

nonmember avatar Krystina

I like this show. I think Quinn's hair is awesome, and I think she decided to rebel against everyone, and when she says she wants full custody of Beth, she's being dramatic. I think the writers will tone it down and make it so she can see Beth a lot. An open adoption. Even if it didn't start out that way. If it doesn't work that way in real life, well, it's a tv show.

nonmember avatar Melissa

As someone who is adopted and now attempting to adopt a child, I was offended and taken back the storyline. Kids watch this and forget that it is just television. I agree that people get upset for all sorts of stupid reasons but I would like to see the adoption storyline handled with better tact and information. Greys and Modern Family are presenting a much more honest adoption storyline.

nonmember avatar Brittany

As a birth mother I agree they did not portray the adoption process like it actually happens. When it comes to Quinn's feelings towards her child, I know exactly where she's coming from. I have had times that I have wished I could take back the decision I made and have my daughter with me again. I have an open adoption though and I had a wonderful support system to take care of me through everything so my moments of question are just that, moments. With Quinn, she didn't have the support system and the confidence I had going into the adoption. I agree that there is no way at this point for Quinn to get her daughter back legally so as long as the writers are just using this as character development they are free to have Quinn react whatever way she wants. It doesn't mean that her plots will work. Her decision is final and there is nothing she can do, but support her daughter as she grows even if that means watching someone else raise her. If the writers have Quinn get her daughter back somehow I will be very upset. That's not the way things work and I would be forced to join the protesters on that. Though, I am going to wait to see what happens before I get up in arms about it.

In short: wait to know what's really going on before throwing a fit about something that hasn't happened yet.

jagam... jagamama0710

Ugh, good grief. It's a TV show.

colin... colins_mom

If people wanted the show to be realistic they would fight for them to use the same show choir rules for competition that every school in the country uses... All hair/costuming uniform, no original songs is a big one and every member has to be an active part of every number... Just sayin. That's a big part of the show and they can't follow that so what makes people think that they would be realistic on this.

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