Bethenny Frankel's Loose-Lipped Mom Needs to Zip It

bethenny frankelAs any fan of Bethenny Frankel would know, her mother isn't exactly the nicest person on Earth. In fact, she's kind of a raging bitch who seems to want only the worst for her daughter. We've seen Bethenny talk to her therapist about the neglect and abuse she suffered as a kid, and we know that she doesn't have a relationship with her estranged mother whatsoever. I can't blame her. Her mom's awful, and she keeps getting worse.

She told Star magazine that Bethenny's marriage won't last -- that Bethenny will dump Jason soon enough once she realizes she doesn't need him. Ouch.


I love Jason and Bethenny together -- I think they have a great balance and complement each other nicely. He seems like such a stand-up guy and isn't afraid of Bethenny's power. I saw Beth on Ellen the other day and she mentioned that she and Jason were going through a rough patch in their second year of marriage and that they were on a "team building" exercise for their relationship when they got lost at sea.

So Bethenny and Jason are having a few problems (who doesn't?) and are working on them, that much is true. But it would seem that her crazy mother is just trying to capitalize on that by blabbing to rags about a relationship she knows little about. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know more about the Frankel/Hoppy household than she does. Seeing as I've watched every episode of Bethenny's shows and I drink Skinnygirl margs, I'm definitely more of a Bethenny expert than her mom could ever hope to be.

Her mom just needs to zip it. Or as Ramona would slur, we need to shut 'er down. It's one thing for strangers to speculate about Bethenny's relationship, but it's another when her own evil mom does and tries to earn a few bucks, and a few minutes in the spotlight, by selling out her daughter and her son-in-law.

Bethenny's likely, and unfortunately, used to this sort of behavior, so hopefully she'll be able to rise above and take the high road. If I were her, though, I'd sue the bitch.

What do you think Bethenny's mom's intentions are?


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