'Twilight Tuesdays' Are the Ultimate Countdown to 'Breaking Dawn'

kristen stewart robert pattinsonAs any Twi-Hard can tell you, waiting for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 to hit theaters has felt a lot like waiting for Christmas as a little kid. You know, when you start counting down the days 'til the next Noel before that year's Christmas is even over (or in this case, before the credits rolled at the end of Eclipse). And now that the opening of Breaking Dawn is just a little over a month away, we're totally in that full-on, super-charged, candy cane sugar high phase of anticipation. I can't believe it's almost here!!

So close, yet so far away. Luckily, Summit Entertainment came up with an awesome way to keep us from jumping out of our skin over the next few weeks ...


"Twilight Tuesdays" are back, baby! The first three films in the Twilight Saga are scheduled to be re-released on Tuesdays in November (the movies will go in order, one installment per Tuesday). So by the time we get to Eclipse, it will be November 15 ... then, just a few days later on Friday the 18th, Breaking Dawn will be here!

I can only imagine how pumped audiences will be on "Twilight Tuesdays." I'm actually expecting it to turn crazy interactive, Rocky Horror-style, with Twi-Hards tossing plastic vampire teeth at the screen, and lots of Team Edward/Jacob shirts (of course they'll be seated on opposite sides of the theater).

Maybe I'll even wear a Bella costume! (Yep, jeans and a t-shirt. Easy as pie.)

Do you think you'll go to any "Twilight Tuesday" screenings?


Image via MTV

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