Kim Kardashian Regrets Her Wedding


Kris Humphries and Kim KardashianDVRs are set, viewing party plans have been made, and schedules have been readjusted as the big special, Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, finally airs this weekend. Since August, we've been wondering about and waiting to see all of the extraordinary, exquisite details of the big day. Only now, Kim Kardashian says she wishes none of it had ever happened.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she said she wishes she would have eloped. "... I was so crazy for an entire month ... literally I went crazy. It was so stressful."

How it can be that stressful when you have that much money to spend and that many people to do things for you, I don't know. But thank goodness she fought through the stress and actually walked down that aisle. Otherwise, we'd have nothing to watch this coming Sunday and Monday night. (Can. Not. Wait.) Maybe once she watches it happening, she'll take back her wedding regret. I hope so anyway, or that was one mega waste of money.

Fortunately, Kim doesn't regret actually getting married to Kris Humphries, which is the most important part of it all (for them anyway). In fact, when the couple recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, they actually renewed their vows ... five whole weeks after they took them.

Don't roll your eyes before you watch it. It's sweet and makes me even more excited for the big wedding special because they seem so happy together. And Ellen, of course, makes it hysterical, "And now by the power given to me by Ryan Seacrest ... "

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As for rumors that Kim is pregnant or is chomping at the bit to be, she pretty much squashed them in an interview with E! last night:

I think we would wait, like, a year before we really start trying to have kids. I think we want to figure out where [Kris] is gonna play and figure out his career and if we have to pack up and move somewhere, like the Midwest. Who knows.

Oh well, at least we have the wedding special to look forward to.

Are you surprised to know that Kim Kardashian wishes she would have eloped? Are you excited for the upcoming wedding special?

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Steph... Stephenni

*Eyeroll* there's people losing their homes and wishing they could keep a roof over their kids heads and this vapid broad regrets her million dollar wedding. Awwww we feel SO sorry for her! GTFOH!

hotrd... hotrdumommy

Stephenni-you took the words right out of my mouth.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Haha trust me she DOESN'T regret it everything she sees that extra million in her bank.

kelti... kelticmom

You know, I am so sick of every time a celebrity has a big wedding, or party, or elaborate vacation, here come the haters who talk about how they dont deserve it, and how there are poor people who have real problems. There is always going to be poverty and windex economic uncertainty, but to berate someone who is wealthy for the only reason is their wealth alone is just petty. Kim K gives to several charities. Ever hear of the Dream Foundation? She and her sisters took a homeless man off the streets and gave him clothes and a shower and had dentures made for him bc he had no teeth. And put him up in a hotel until a shelter became available. So next time you go to criticize a celeb for spending their own money that they earned, regardless if you think they deserve it or not, ask yourself if you do all you can to help others. Oh, and calling a woman who you have never met personally and only know her thru how she is potrayed in the media a "vapid bitch", is like me calling you a "jealous petty bitch" based on your comment. Completely unfair and disrespectful.

kelti... kelticmom

Correction, I re read the comment and it was "vapid broad" which really is just a nicer way of calling her a vapid bitch. It's still unfair and disrespectful.

febru... februarylove78

I agree with the last two comments. Its sad that some women on here are bitter and its not Kim Kardashians fault you are struggling financially and you are poor. You shouldn't have kids if you aren't financially stable.

nonmember avatar Mary

That sort of over-the-top lavish spending is just tacky, conspicuous consumption. The marble-sized diamonds, the $100,000 CAKE STAND. It isn't about "hating" or being jealous or even the idea that she should give her money to orphans, it's flaunting your wealth and truly, only uneducated (which Kim is) or ignorant people do it.

nonmember avatar sandra

E paid for the wedding - for everything. They paid Kim & Kris MILLIONS to have the wedding filmed, by E. No money came out of the Kardashian pockets for this event. I can't wait to see it.

Courtney Paige Neale

kelticmom - couldn't of said it better myself!!! Very glad someone else thinks this too!

hilla... hillary819

If you hate her so much, why do you even open and read stories about her?  I'm not the biggest Kardashian fan, not really a fan at all actually, but I read the stories sometimes, roll my eyes sometimes and then go on about my day.  But since I actually took the time to click on it and read it, it would be silly to say that she is _____,_____, ______ or ________.  If you hate her so much, then DON'T READ ABOUT HER!

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