Is Lindsay Lohan Trying to Sleep Her Way to a Comeback?


Lindsay LohanWhen the news spread that Lindsay Lohan finally got a job modeling with designer Philipp Plein, I didn't believe she was serious. Don't get me wrong. I want her to make a Britney-style comeback as much as the next Mean Girls fan, but do I think she can? I'm not so sure.

The biggest red flag is that Lindsay is steering clear of what she's most known for, drug abuse and jail time aside. She's a great actress and yet she's content with modeling for a fashion collection. Hey ... I understand. Times are tough. She has to take what she can get, right? Jobs are hard to find and jobs are hard to keep. Which is exactly why she shouldn't be risking it all over again by breaking the number one employee rule of all time ...

Ross Gellar from Friends once said that you're not supposed to dip your pen in the company ink. I guess Lindsay missed that episode.

Rumors are swirling that our little LiLo has been getting cozy with Plein, also known as her boss and the designer who hired her for the shoot. According to reports, she has been kissing him in public and even spending the night at his hotel. Just when we thought she was getting on the right track, she's boarding right back on the crazy train.

The thing is, I really feel for Lindsay. I want people in the entertainment industry to take her seriously again. But, they sure as hell aren't going to by the way she's acting. And while Plein has claimed he's very pleased with Lindsay's work, what is he basing that on? How are we supposed to believe she's making an honest living when she and her boss are shacking up after hours?

So Lindsay Lohan is potentially sleeping with the first person to give her a job in years. Not cool, LiLo. I was rooting for you.

Do you think Lindsay could make a real comeback?


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Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Lindsay Lohan is a loser.

Also, it's called "having sex with". "Sleeping" is not the same as "sex". Grow up and use the right terms.

Tokori Tokori

Lucretia, seriously? This post is tabloid trash, and *that* is your complaint?

nonmember avatar Julie

Sex is a dirty word. not all of us have potty mouths.

tuffy... tuffymama

Clear example of what happens to children of drug users.

nonmember avatar teamlindasy


Just because she has made mistakes, doesn't mean she should be treated with so much disrespect. Look at Brintey Spears. She went down a bad path and turned herself around. Lindsay doesn't have the same team as Britney, which is why it may take a little longer for her to get back on the right path.

Believing in her, and sending her positive thoughts is better then degrading her with harmful words.

If you all have nothing nice to say, than don't say anything.

nonmember avatar Dottie

First she needs to back away from Vikram, the married millionaire.
Her behavior is disgraceful.

This dude, Phil Plein, may or may not be gay.
But hanging out in his hotel room for hours on end won't help her reputation.

Of course, if she worried about reputation or jobs she would have straightened out a long time ago.

At this point, she is going nowhere fast.

nonmember avatar Julie

There is nothing bad even written about Lindsay here!!!!!!!!!!

Octob... Octobersmom

Since when is an actress or model sleeping with someone for work note worthy?

Kevin Zenteno

Maybe they just became very close as friends, they can get sleepovers, she's in another country she doesn't have her own place and doesn't want to be alone. The one photo of them "kissing" is like a goodbye kiss, not like hooking up and it's taken from an angle you don't see them kissing on the lips. And if they are in a relationship so what? maybe there was chemistry between them and they took the chance on eachother. If they did hook up it was AFTER she signed the contract and did the photoshoot so she didn't "sleep her way" to get the job.
And Lindsay is supposed to start filming Gotti this month so I'm excited about that.

nonmember avatar Shadow

Ahhh I see she's taking the Jasmine Waltz approach to fame; sleep with someone higher up in the fame food chain to get more fame. Ironic since Waltz reportedly beat up Lohan a year or so ago.

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