'Dexter' Season 6 Is in Serious Danger

Dexter on Showtime is easily one of the greatest shows on television. Dexter is a serial killer who only kills the guilty, while attempting to live like a family man and balance his career as a blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department. It makes for a pretty watchable show. But not always.

Most of the seasons of Dexter have been awesome. Seasons 5, 1, and 4 were all compelling and exciting. But Seasons 2 and 3 did lag a bit. On October 2, the first episode of Season 6 started to set up a season I worry is going to be more Season 3 than Season 1.

Let's hope not. Dexter is at its best when the focus is on him. This season, however, we are looking at varying degrees of religious themes. *Spoilers below.*


Between the religious serial killers, the serpents, the Catholic imagery, the Jesus tattoo, and the religious preschool Dexter is looking at for Harrison, the season is setting up to be one in which Dexter explores his spiritual side.

It's a curious development. We've seen him try to seek salvation in violence, love, family, and work, but we've never seen him try the church. It's an interesting concept, but one I fear will become boring quickly. Last season's killers were mysterious and depraved. The killer in Season 4 (John Lithgow) was even scarier.

So now we have killers who have a seemingly religious agenda? Colin Hanks is going to be interesting to watch, but beyond that, I am not holding out as much hope.

I would never abandon my beloved show, but this season, it seems like it is going to take more than one episode to hook me. I hope by next Sunday night, I will be anxiously awaiting each new episode all week long like I have in the past.

If not, I will be disappointed. Come on, Dex! Don't let us down!

Did you think the premiere was good?


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