5 Celebrities Whose Boobs We Covet


Christina Hendricks

It would be great if we were all blessed with perfect body images and never looked at a celebrity and thought, Damn, I wish I looked like that. But we're not and we do, especially when it comes to their boobs.

Let's face it, breasts can be a girl's best or worst fashion accessory. Some surgically enhanced sets are so bad, they're scary, but others are so inspiring, we may just file them away for the day if/when we ever decide to think about augmenting our own. Here are five of Hollywood's best sets of boobs.

Christina Hendricks

So full, so gorgeous, and so real. She's not afraid to show them off, and who can blame her. They're beautiful.

Selma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma boasts some pretty unbelievable breasts even after breastfeeding her daughter and another needy baby while visiting Sierra Leone. Beautiful and useful means bonus points for Hayek in our book.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian-born star of Modern Family is all va-va-voom. She thinks she looks like a transsexual, but it's more like straight-up sexual.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

They are insured for $1 million, after all. They better look good.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Skinnygirl mogul has the best fake pair in the biz. Not too big, not too small, they're pretty much perfect. I really will take a picture of hers in with me if I ever got mine done.

Which celebrities do you think should be added to this list?

Images via Splash, Splash, Datz.ro/Flickr, Ethan Miller/Getty, Splash

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alisa... alisabethjaimes

Does Christina Hendricks ever cover up her boobs? Every picture I see of her they're on display. I get it, she has a nice rack, but I don't need to see it in every picture she's in.

Madam... MadameGarlic

But the last two sets are so fake.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Hate Bethany Frankel. She's all about showing off fake boobs but insults people who USE their real ones. She could stand to take some tips from the amazing Salma Hayek.

nonmember avatar lulu

angelina jolie(she has breastfed babies that werent her own as well), penelope cruz, jennifer aniston, kate winslet (hello Titanic), rachel weiz, giselle bunchen-this list can go on.....

nonmember avatar Liz

Christina Hendricks' boobs look WAY too big. To me, she always looks top heavy in her dresses. I know she can't help how big they are, but she doesn't have to push them up to her chin either. Sofia Vergara knows how to show off her boobs without pushing them up as far as they can go, and she always looks great! That picture doesn't do her justice, IMO.

nonmember avatar Liz

Oh and I would totally add Blake Lively to this list!

Brittany L. Ison

The last two? Bleh! Crappy tits to go with their crappy faces :-p .....Fakeness should never be held on a pedistal.

lehof... lehoffman

Ewww. I do not covet any of these. Christina Hendricks always has those things pushed up to her chin, it looks so horrible. 

nonmember avatar Monzie

My set are pretty similar to Christina Hendricks' and I'm here to tell the haters that it's difficult to dress them. Anything with a neckline below my collarbone is, like, "HELLO CLEAVAGE!" I'm not trying to have that happen....it's just that big boobs have a lot of surface area and it's difficult to cover them up unless you wear a turtleneck. Ha. I would happily trade mine for Salma Hayek's. She's just the right amount of bodacious *and* she was unashamed about using them for their intended purpose. While we're at it, can I get Sofia Vergara's hips too? Or maybe just Sophia Loren's entire bod, circa 1958...yowza!

MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

Each and every one of those women have fake breasts.  Why don't you call this what it is?  Plastic surgery appreciation.  

No need to trade yours for theirs, buy them yourself.  Isn't it only like 3k?

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