Hollywood's 5 Scariest Boob Jobs


victoria beckhamAh, fake boobs. The Holy Grail of plastic surgery in Tinsel Town. Everybody's got 'em. Even the ones you think don't. (They just have a really good doc and opted for a "tasteful" implant.) But some pairs of tatas? Well, they just look downright ridiculous, and we're shocked that some of these ladies haven't gotten them redone already. Unless they like lopsided franken-boobs.

Here are five pairs of awful breast implants that really should be taken in for a tune-up.

Victoria Beckham. I thought Posh Spice was supposed to be all fancy now. No more of that cheesy Spice Girl stuff. So, what's up with her breasts? Why are they so ... uneven and up to her neck? Not cute, Vicky. And definitely not fancy.



heidi montag

Heidi Montag. To be totally frank, Heidi's lucky the only body part this post is covering is boobs, 'cause she's got a whole mess of stuff going on. Her breasts, though -- they're just too big. And fake-looking. They look almost comical, sort of like a caricature or something. Kind of like the rest of Heidi.


Jenni "JWoww" Farley. Ginormous, uneven boobs may be all the rage at the Jersey Shore, but to the rest of the world, they're a little bit creepy.

tara reid

Tara Reid. Oh, Tara, what is happening in this dress? Didn't somebody check you before you headed out onto the red carpet? I'm not even quite sure how to describe this. It's like one boob is a triangle or some never-before-discovered shape. Too weird.

audrina patridge

Audrina Patridge. Hmm ... something's not right in this photo. Can't figure out if it's just that Audrina's boobs would look better if she gained a little weight, or if it's that her implants are a little too far apart and sort of droopy-looking. Perhaps it's a little of both. Or maybe Audrina should just get a bathing suit with better support.

Images via Tawny Rockerazzi/Flickr, David Becker and Frederick M. Brown/Getty, and SplashNews


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alisa... alisabethjaimes

Hasn't this article been on here before?

Although, I didn't know J-Woww's were so uneven. Poor girl :(

mrspi... mrspierce06

didnt we miss tori spelling?


I'm betting these uneven sets are just the way these people are standing- but poor Tara Reid- no one looks good in a dress with an elastic band around the top smooshing your boobs down!

Billie Jo Evans

This is what scares me when it comes to boob jobs. I thought about getting mine done after we were done having babies because they're nice while I'm breastfeeding, but deflate when the babies wean. But I'd rather have small ones than crazy looking ones!

Brittany L. Ison

We can fix this problem with NOT getting tit jobs? I'm blessed with a nice Barely-C cup and I would NOT have them any other way...Theres nothing creepier than seeing an OLD woman with these waterballoons stapled to her chest. Do these women realize what they're getting themselves into? Geez......

Carenann Carenann

Ya know what's funny? After reading this article, I clicked on a related article, "5 Celebrity Boob Jobs That Look Real" and Audrina Partridge is on that list too! LOL!


AMom29 AMom29

Tara Reid has spoken about her botched surgery, so to include her on this list is a bit insensitive.

hutch... hutchfam2007

agree with AMom29. She has emotionally spoken out about her botched surgeries, boobs and lipo, and has since had them fixed to the best of top notch hollywood surgeons abilities. Tara is a great lesson about doing your research before having something done. I feel terrible for her.

Kediset Kediset

surprised the author of this article didn't say a thing about how skeletal Posh is which makes it all the more creepier her chest size in comparison to her body

nonmember avatar Mike M

I'm a guy and it saddens me whenever I hear women judging and/or insulting other women. My personal view is (and I would like to read more articles along these lines here on The Stir) that some of the main things that make a woman beautiful are her attitude (be positive, accepting, compassionate toward others, loving, etc.), intelligence, and self-confidence. Looks are on the surface only. What's important is what's inside. (As such, it saddens me when women feel that they want or need to have breast implants in order to feel good about themselves. I wish that all women would have more confidence in themselves, see themselves as being perfect and beautiful just the way they are [it should be up to others to accept us as we are and not up to us to conform to the selfish desires and expectations of others], and not worry about those people who are likely to judge them based on their looks. There are people in this world who care much more about what's inside than what's on the outside.)

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