Disturbing 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Trailer Proves This Will Be Better Than the Original


girl with the dragon tattooAs a fan of the book and the original flick, I'll admit I was skeptical about how this latest incarnation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was going to turn out. The first (subtitled) flick starring Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace seemed to get everything right: It was visually stark and minimalist in that really cool Swedish kind of way; the performances were solid.

I figured that when David Fincher got his hands on this script, he'd crank up the industrial doom in the way only David Fincher can, but what I didn't realize -- until I saw the just-released extended version of the movie's trailer -- was that David Fincher's style would fit this story so perfectly.

A good portion of that Fincher-esque menace is visual: The same rough-around-the-edges, slightly off-balance quality the director debuted in Se7en is on display here.

But, as usual, it seems that Fincher managed to coax similarly layered, raw performances out of his actors. Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger? Brilliant! My prediction? Rooney Mara (cast as lead character Lisbeth Salander) is going to EXPLODE after this. As for Daniel Craig ... you'll hear no complaints from me.

Then there's the soundtrack to consider ... from what I've heard so far, Led Zeppelin, Trent Reznor, and Karen O are among the artists featured. Can I download it yet??

Were you a fan of the book and/or original movie? Watch this and let me know what you think ...

Will this version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo be better than the original?

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nonmember avatar Anner

I can't imagine how they can improve on the original. From the trailer this version seems to be more about the disappearance of the girl and not the story of Lisbeth. I think I will wait for the video

nonmember avatar Amber

I am currenlty reading book 3 of this series and I just watched the Swedish version of the film last night. Im sorry, but I think this new version coming out looks soooo much better!It seems more detailed, which is a plus after reading the book. Im so excited to see this. This is the 2nd time I watched the trailer today.

Happy... Happyfacecookie

the first book was about the disappearance, not Lisbeth Anner.

I think it looks fantastic!  I have read the books, and seen all the original movies, I thought the original movies cut alot out, hopefully this does better.

butte... butterflyfreak

I have yet to read the 3rd book, and have only watched the first movie so far, though I have the other 2 movies on my Netflix queue. I loved the 2 books that I have read and enjoyed the original version of the first movie. I think I will enjoy this movie, though I will most likely wait for the DVD as the theater is so expensive. 

nonmember avatar kingtnt

No way it will be better than the original for one simple fact, the US version will not be as graphic (ex-lisbeth rape scene). Without scenes like that, this entire story loses the "meat" of Lisbeth and I don't see how we will be able to relate/feel for her character without seeing what she had to go through. It's extremely disturbing to watch, but is necessary for all 3 stories to work. The originals can't be topped due to that, but the rest of the movie will probably be better film quality wise, but not story. Too much will be left out in the US version.

nonmember avatar Maria

I read all 3 books and watched the original movie. I was very disappointed in the "original" movie. It left out some key parts of the book and changed things that IMHO should have been left the same as the book. They changed lines in the movie to make Lisbeth edgier and I, for one, did not like that. We loved her because of her strength but she also had a vulnerable side too that made us root harder for her. I think this version looks like they hit on the most important parts of the book and made it about the 3 strong stories... Mikael, Lisbeth and Harriet's disappearance. They seemed to capture Lisbeth's personality better.

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