New Cast of ‘RHONY’ Looks Like a Bunch of Boring Old Ladies


real housewives of new york

Hey, you know what I've been thinking? That The Real Housewives of New York should replace Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, and Cindy Barshop with three uptight white women in their 40s. Doesn't that sound good? It's like, why fill the slots left by the onslaught of firings with exciting new peeps when you can just hire the same exact type of women to fill the openings! Who needs a fresh start? Not us. We want the same old same old, and Bravo's serving it up cold. The New York Daily News reports that Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill, and Aviva Drescher will be the new cast members. Yawn.

It doesn't sound like we have a lot to cheer about. If this report turns out to be true, Bravo missed their chance to breathe new, young-ish life into the show. Bethenny ruled the show when she was on it as a woman struggling to figure out life in her 30s ... but I guess Bravo just can't say no to a wrinkly neck and smooth forehead.

Here's what we know so far about these alleged new cast members. Carole Radziwill is a best-selling author -- she penned What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love in 2005 after husband Anthony Radziwll died of cancer. His aunt was Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Carole's good friend was Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She seems like a smart woman, but clearly she's a little bit nuts for going on the show. I already get the sense that she'll be boring, kinda like an Alex.

Then there's shape-wear designer Heather Thomson. Yep! That's right, take that Jill Zarin and your Skweez Couture. Thomson is the brains behind Yummie Tummie and has two kids. She'll be the Cindy of the group -- a working mom with a business to run. Lucky us, because Cindy was so compelling to watch, right? Not.

The third possible new Housewife is Aviva Drescher, a Wall Street wife with three kids. She'll clash with wild-child Ramona the most, and maybe be friends with LuAnn. I can't tell. Either they'll bond over trying to project perfect images or hate each other. It's a toss-up.

I'm really hoping these rumors aren't true ... it's not what we RHONY fans need! We want something new, not something old with lipstick on it.

If these women turn out to be the new Housewives, would you be happy?


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lydroe lydroe

These women bring me inner-joy. You heard me. Non of these crazy, attention starved women will ever make you feel MORE insane, more delusional, more ridiculous, than they are! If there isn't a sense of joy that wells up inside of you when we have bad days and flip out on our husbands because he forgot to take out the garbage, but realize we're not monsters EVERYDAY?!?... Gold stars for us folks who aren't famous, mainly for ripping our families apart with video cameras and losing all self respect.  I miss Mork and Mindy. 

nonmember avatar fifi

You think women in their 40s are old?! Good luck with the future, sweetie. You'll need it.

Nicole Darnell

No kidding, 40 is not old, unless you're 12?

Lisa Tibbs

Haha lol love what your saying,but im pretty tired of louanns fake ass too,and the boyfriend who she claims that they are so in love let me just say that when he's been on the show ,the few times he has looks to me like the only one in love is the countess,Im with you i dont want anymore cindy's I want to see someone like bethany fat chance of that though im sure,and as far as a stock brokers wife we dont need to see the wife of someone who helped to ruin our economy,that's as bad as the rhodc,

Tara Gillen-Howie

Great, so being over 40 is boring??? Wonder what the mean viewership age is? Why has "reality television taken the reality out??? C'mon these women don't represent any "real" housewives I know!!! They really ought to replace them with some actual housewives; not these upper crust, fake, and absolutely irritating women. Oh, they can't because "REAL" housewives work, and have no time for this BS...

Susan Figiel Kusina

They made a big mistake firing Jill, Alex, and Kelly.  This show will not survive now.

nonmember avatar Karen

I think they made a good decision to get rid of most of the cast. I did not enjoy the last two seasons. Too much fake drama and fighting. 40s are not old. I would love to see more reality and less fake drama. I have high hopes for the new season.

Darla A. Leach

I have to agree with Tara.  I would love to see how these women would handle a day in the real world.  Get the husband off to work, kids off to school, feed the pets, work an 8 hour day then come home to do the dishes, do the laundry, sweep the floors, scrub the toilets, cook supper, help the kids with homework, go pick up the husband from the bar, because he stopped after work and got drunk, do dishes again, then take out the trash that your drunken husband didn't do.  REAL housewives don't have maids, nannies, or assistants to do everything for them while they run around shopping and going to lunch at some swanky restaurant, we're lucky if we've got time to go through the drive-up at Taco Bell. 


I have to agree with the other comments about 40 being "old". HaHa! Just wait honey! I doubt if there are a lot of 20 somethings watching this show. I think the cast was getting boring and starting to play up to the cameras. I will welcome some fresh blood on the show.

Tammy Stokes Patin

I have no idea who these new women  are, I liked  Jill, wish she would have not been fired, Luann is cool.

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