Brad Pitt's Apology to Jennifer Aniston Was Totally Bogus

brad pittWhatddya know? The Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston bash-fest plot thickens. The latest piece of succulent gossip to drip from the ripe, fruit-bearing tree? It's two-fold, actually. One part says that Jennifer Aniston's team "went ballistic" when they got wind of Pitt's asinine comments; the other part says that Pitt's asinine comments actually came from a place of jealousy. As in Brad, although blissfully in love with Angelina Jolie, is actually jealous that Jennifer's so in love

Hmm ... did Jennifer's team actually go ballistic? And are they the savviest people in the whole wide world, spinning the jealousy angle? Or is it true, Brad really is jealous?


Of course, no one will ever know for sure, as, well, everything in Hollywood needs to be taken with a heaping spoonful of salt, but it does make for an interesting discussion. Shall we?

First, let's start with the deets. Apparently after the rude comments Pitt made to Parade magazine -- and Team Aniston's going ballistic -- they reached out to Brad's camp and "read him the riot act." Then, a short while later, Brad gave his jank explanation, saying that what he said was taken out of context, Jennifer's a wonderful woman, blah blah blah yawn lies. Now here comes the interesting part. That same source who leaked this information to the press is saying that the real reason for Pitt's comments is because he's jealous of Justin Theroux. Hmph.

Here's what I believe. Well, a little of all of it, actually. I don't doubt for a second that Jen's team went bonkers after getting wind of the news -- and that's natural; their job is to protect her. I also believe that they "read him the riot act," which, in turn, made him apologize, which, in turn, makes him an even bigger jerk since everything he said after the fact was disingenuous poppycock. I also kind of believe that he is, in fact, a little bit jealous that Jen's really happy with Justin. That's natural, too. They were married, after all, and human beings will be human beings. Where this whole "jealousy" thing is coming from, though? Eh, not really going to chalk that one up as a fact. In other words, I certainly don't think Brad ever overtly expressed anything like that. I think it's just something Jennifer Aniston's "people" are saying to make him look bad.

And it's kind of genius. 'Cause it's totally working.

What do you believe?


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