Justin Bieber Lip Dub by Hunky Marines Cracks Me Up (VIDEO)


marine lip dubProof that Justin Bieber has devoted fans outside of the tween girl category -- and that marines know how to have a good time -- this video is enough to restore your faith in humanity (at least temporarily). The marines stationed in Afghanistan who scored a viral hit with their Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" lip dub are back in a musical medley featuring The Biebs, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha and more.

Apparently they actually shot this one before the Britney Spears video, but I don't know why they waited to release it ... these are some seriously entertaining shenanigans. I especially love watching Justin Bieber's choir boy voice coming from the mouths of meaty marines.

It's tough to pick favorites, but I do think my favorite pair of performers would have to be, hands-down:

The guys singing "Time of My Life" at around the four-minute mark. Seriously, I want to go out for beers with these dudes. You can tell they're totally embarrassed, but they're still managing to crack themselves up (and me!). I just know they'd be the funniest drinking buddies ever.

All of the marines in this video are obviously in possession of two of the best qualities human beings can have ...

  1. They know how to make the best of a super difficult situation.
  2. They're always good sports, never afraid to look like idiots.

The combination is beyond endearing. And humbling, too. (Like, the next time I'm complaining about having a tough day, will somebody please remind me to watch this video so I can remember how these marines managed to have fun even while stationed in Afghanistan?)

How much do you love the new marines' lip dub video?

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Joey_01 Joey_01

Loved it! <3

Jennifer Campos-Diego

I love these guys wish I could hang with them, so my kind of people. Keep up the good work guys! God bless you all!

nonmember avatar Melanie

It's wonderful to see these guys having so much fun.

Heather Sheets

Love it!!! Stay safe you all!

nonmember avatar leanne

this was a funny video some did good some did ok its soo good to see these guys finding other things to keep their minds off deployment... have fun and stay safe guys. :)

klring73 klring73

That was great!!!


marin... marine_wife0520

Cute video and FYI Marines should be capitalized.

LaCrisha Diven

This was so TOTALLY FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! My son's currently in the Middle East, and you just made me feel a WHOLE LOT better!!! Thank you!!!!

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