Josh Charles & Sophie Flack Share the Emmy Awards' Tackiest Kiss


josh charles sophie flackJosh Charles' Emmy boob grab on Sophie FlackDuring last night's 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, there were loads of showstopping gowns and a few surprise winners along the way. However, hands-down (or not so hands-down, in this case), one of the most shocking moments of the night happened on the red carpet just before the awards show began -- and this moment belonged to The Good Wife star grabby Josh Charles and girlfriend Sophie Flack.

Sweet kiss, but that's a whoooolllllle lotta boob ya got there, Joshy. Smooth move ... or, uh, maybe not ...

Just looking at the duo, prior to the boob grab, they looked elegant and happy. Honestly, her dress is so flattering, don't you think? I love that color! Of course, then they had to go and ruin their fancy demure act by pulling a handsy kiss like this. And you know what? I think it's all for the attention. Really, I'd never heard of Sophie until last night. And now she'll be referred to as the girl who got to second base on the red carpet.

At another event, maybe this would be okay. But come on, lovebirds. These are the Emmy Awards we're talking about. This is a nationally televised event (that happens to be on during primetime) that costs a bajillion dollars and celebrates the high accomplishments of the television industry, NOT the cable-vised MTV Video Music Awards. Usually, that's the sort of show where all the down-and-dirty celebs show off their sexy sides. Not on the Emmys, a show that my grandmother watches with her voting ballot every year.

Doing something like this makes Josh Charles a bit of a creep in my book. And when it comes to his ladyfriend, how could she just hang out there and let all the paparazzi snap groping photos? Girl has to get some more respect for herself! Maybe next time, they should keep things a tad more G-rated, eh?

Do you think Josh's boob grab was as classless as I do?


Image via SplashNews

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jonellg jonellg

Maybe it was an accident.

nonmember avatar Mike M

To me it appears to be a daring show of affection rather than something negative.

nonmember avatar Ron

I like boob, who doesn't? Boob is awesome

nonmember avatar No Please

Sorry, but you are so wrong here. They are in love and we've forgotten what actual real people do when they want to be together. Hollywood has made everything so fake that when a guy in love with his girl does what he clearly does when kissing her, you cry SKANK! No, it is actual affection.

Susan Mayea

Come on now..... seriously? Looks like an innocent kiss & he was keeping his balance up. I think you are quite a prude....

nonmember avatar AugustUnlimited

I think it's great! USA makes way too much about things such as this - need to relax and enjoy the passion of life and love!!

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