5 Plastic Surgery Disasters That Made Young Celebs Look Old (PHOTOS)


rose mcgowanRose McGowan

Remember when the main reason celebrities (or anyone) got plastic surgery was to make themselves look younger? Those ubiquitous nip/tuck rumors never started swirling until an actress hit at least 40. Not so much anymore! In fact, it seems like the reverse is now true: Young -- like, really young -- actresses and "personalities" are getting major work done ... and it's making them look older!! D'oh!

I'm guessing none of these formerly fresh-faced ladies meant to add a decade on to their ages when they went under the knife, but sadly, that's exactly what happened. Here are five of Hollywood's worst young-to-old celeb plastic surgery makeovers.

Rose McGowan

Why, Rose, why?? I could cry over this one, I really could. McGowan was such a unique beauty before she did whatever the hell she did to herself. Those delicate, slightly askew features were her trademark. Now she looks like ... I don't know what. Like all she's missing are the support hose and the cane. Tragic.

ali lohanAli Lohan

Ali Lohan

Yeah, yeah, she's just growing up and her cheekbones are becoming more prominent with age, etc. Honestly? This girl not only looks about 15 years older than she actually is, she looks like she's 15 years older and suffering from some chronic, wasting illness. Underneath this picture should read the words: "Please donate to the Ali Lohan Disease Fund."

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Well, it's no mystery who led Ali down the path to plastic surgery hell ... big sis Lindsay, of course. Who looks, in this pic, like she could be an aunt or older cousin instead ... you know, the one with the raspy voice who gets really drunk every Christmas and cries into the eggnog?

heidi montagHeidi Montag

Heidi Montag

Who invited this aging ex-showgirl to the party? What, they couldn't afford a younger stripper to jump out of the cake? This dame was probably hot back when she was in her Vegas heyday but ... oh. Seriously? Sorry, Heidi Montag.

megan foxMegan Fox

Megan Fox

Oh, Megan, Megan, Megan. Nothing says "I'm hanging on to my lost youth" like over-stuffed lips. Except, wait ... your youth isn't lost, you're still smack in the middle of it! What a shame you don't look like it anymore.

Which celebs do you think put the aging process on fast-foward?

Images via Splash, Getty, gdcgraphics/Flickr

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mommix4 mommix4

So sad. I didn't recognise them at all. They look non human scary.


Oh Rose! Say it ain't so!

las7983 las7983

Either Lohan!! LOL!!! 

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I don't think I ever saw pictures of Ali Lohan before.  She looks like a strung-out tranny. 

lissa... lissalynn83

Rose McGowan is said to have gotten plastic surgery after an accident left her with a messed up face...but I think she took it a bit overboard and 'enhanced' a few things while she was at it, honestly. She said the main part of her face that was 'disfigured' was around her eye area where she was wearing glasses...but the rest of her face looks very different now as well.

Julie Korcusko

Rose McGowan is not as young as the others, but something definitely went wrong there.  And has anyone seen Lauren Holly or Nikki Cox????  They are FRIGHTENING!!

Joyce Stafford

Sad, it's like all the pathetic fake and baked, fried and dyed, skinny as hell moms hanging out at the soccer field in their name brand clothes and big ass bags, man you're just making yourselves look older. It's all the natural, fresh faced moms, in their jeans and T-shirts, hair pulled back in the tail, that look a hundred percent better. Just saying, stop wasting your money - it isn't helping!


Poiso... PoisonousHoney

HA this made me laugh. Rose McGawon is seriously the saddest. She was such a beauty. I hope it's just really bad picture.

dirti... dirtiekittie

rose mcgowan was one of my first girl crushes ever. say it ain't so!! :(

and i like to think that megan fox just got her face to match her thumb. LOL!!!! ;p

Jenelle Rakotz

Renée Zellweger before plastic surgery used to be gorgeous now I have a hard time looking at her.

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