Jill Zarin Won't Go Gracefully From 'RHONY'


jill zarinIn true Jill Zarin fashion, she's denying denying denying. This time it's not about her culpability in the Bethenny saga or whether or not she acted like a real biatch in season three; Zarin is denying that she's been fired from The Real Housewives of New York. In fact, Alex McCord is denying she's gotten the axe, too. Even Bravo's denying that they fired anyone ... sort of.

So yesterday we got the good news that Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, and Cindy Barshop were canned from the show. Now it turns out that nothing has been officially decided yet. Why tease us so, Andy Cohen? Fire these losers and let's all move on.

Clearly, Bravo and I are on the same page. Hence the firings. Well, half-firings. OK, so Jill Zarin was the first to have her rep reach out to Us Weekly to say that she hasn't gotten a pink slip; she's just still in negotiations with Bravo. Then Alex piped up and basically said the same thing, only giving more info revealing that she expects to hear whether or not she'll be on season five of the show by next week. No word yet from Kelly, who probably doesn't yet know what's happening, seeing as she's busy doing cartwheels and loving rainbows.

Bravo has said that "no decisions have been made yet," but the gossip is that these ladies are totally dunzo. Reportedly, Bravo already has three replacement housewives lined up and filming starts in two weeks. If for some reason the newbies don't work out, Bravo might call back the ones they've fired to be on the show again.

Sonja Morgan, one of the remaining Wives, told Us Weekly that in fact she, Ramona, and LuAnn are the only ones who were asked back. Everyone else has been let go.

I say let's just get it out in the open. Bravo clearly needs to revamp the show, so it makes sense that they're letting people go. Not sure why they decided to keep the Countless and Ramona, but beggars can't be choosers. As long as Jill and Kelly are gone, I'm happy.

Here's to a new season of RHONY with new people!

Do you hope the rumors are true?


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Lovin... LovingKentucky

I really really hope the rumors are true!  Alex wears me OUT!  And the whole Jill vs. Ramona thing does too.  They've played it out from every possible angle, so someone had to go. 

Lisa Campana Germino

i am so glad these horrible women r gone i am a faithful watcher of every show and i can say that Jill was the first i thought needed to go she made me sick kelly needs a straight jacket what a nut and that new one i instantly could not stomach her bye bye bitches


Anne-Marie West

Bravo needs to do some "housewife" cleaning.  All you need to do is read the comments on the Bravo sites and it will give you a clue.  NY isn't the only one to need help.  NJ and OC can use a helping hand too.  Oh and lets see less of the husbands on NJ.

Barbara Martin-Ostrowski

I think they need a bethany housewife show only..... She is the only real housewife that is actually "real"

Meredith Ford Fuhrer

I am clearly the minority in thinking that Jill should stay and Ramona should go. Ramona has been a nut from the beginning and she is seriously getting too full of herself. So now she's just a confident nut. Look at the difference between the first seasons and last in her interviews. Really Ramona, with the boufount hair and fancy outfits. I like JIll because she is a real New York Housewife and she has a strong jewish girl personality. I think she has definitley had her faults but I like her better than Ramona or I'm-trying-so-hard-to-stay-relevant-Alex. Kelly good riddance and Cindy probably doesn't even want to be on the show anymore after last season. So keep the Countess, Jill and Sonja (who you know will be bff again with LuAnn once Ramona is gone). Dump the rest.

LaTanya Henderson

Ok Lindsay, I can stand watching Ramona & Sonja they are so silly plus Ramonas wine is fabulous, but LuAnn can we start a petition to get her out. LOL
What's going on with the RHOA, are they coming back?

Christine Stephens

I'm glad Jill is going. I stopped watching the show this season because she and Kelly annoyed me so much. But I have to say, I just adore Alex. Like Bethenny, who has done so well away from that mix, I think Alex could really come into her own with her own show. But Jill, and LuAnn's two facedness (is that a word?) and Kelly (thorazine, please!) are a huge disappointment to me. Kudos to Bethenny for making it on her own. And boy, has she ever! See what getting away from the "RH" negativity can do for one's self confidence and future? So actually, losing Jill as a "friend" was a huge factor in Bethenny being able to move on and into her own. Jill's ego just has to keep everyone else in her shadow. So, buhbye Jill, and good riddance!!!!!

Sharon Coughlin Orr

I think it's a good idea not to ask Jill, Alex, Cindy, and especially Kelly back to the show.  But I wonder who LuAnn will have to "team" up with if the other brunettes are gone?  I get that the show is a great vehicle to sell themselves but tired of seeing Jill try her hand at so many things.  And, if you look at the photos of her on FB pages of hers and the other RHONY, she's always "on," and never natural.  Don't like that!  I'm from NJ and would definitely like to see less of the husbands.  Joe Guidice's behavior to "everyone" is absolutely appalling and belittling, and he is the problem with Teresa and her brother.  Speaking of Joe Gorga, there's something creepy about him.  He probably is fun to hang out with because everyone's always laughing and having a good time when they're with him, but there's something about him...  Teresa has been coming off as very insecure this season.  She resents when Caroline or Jacqueline even pay any attention to Melissa or Kathy, saying she knows they're "her" friends.  She makes too many snarky comments for me.  And I wouldn't go to her book signing if she didn't ask me either!  Don't know how real is truly is, but Melissa always seems so upbeat in her scenes and her one-on-ones with the camera, and she is trying to get Teresa and Joe to the relationship they had before.

Juliana Lucero

They better be true. That's the only way I will be watching rhony with a new group of women. Hopefully not so evil and full of themselves, right??

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