'Up All Night': What It Got Right & What It Got Wrong


Will Arnett Christina Applegate Up All Night
Will Arnett & Christina Applegate
Been DYING to watch the premiere of Up All Night, the new parenting sitcom starring Christina Applegate (love!), Will Arnett (adore!), and Maya Rudolph (kills me!), and it finally aired Wednesday night -- way too late for overtired parents, mind you, at 10 p.m., but its regular time will be a lovely and manageable 8/7c. Thank God.

I'll admit I had pretty high expectations for this talented crew, made up of all newish real-life parents. I was sure this was the show that was FINALLY going to get parenting right. Well, they got some of it right and got me to laugh a lot about relatable parenting funnies. However, they also got a lot wrong, making me wonder: Will TV ever get parenting right?

What Up All Night got right:

  • The inability NOT to curse about the how f@#&ing cute our babies are.
  • Christopher's first trip to the grocery store alone with a baby: "When did grocery stores get so big?"
  • The long, detailed morning argument between Christopher and Reagan, complete with time stamps, about who got less sleep and who saw whom sleeping more while they were awake with the baby in the night.
  • The similar ongoing argument, although much more underhanded, about who works harder -- the parent who works outside the home or the parent who stays home with baby.
  • The hangover morning -- although, in my experience, some mornings with a baby feel just that chaotic and paralyzing even without a drop of booze.

What Up All Night got wrong:

  • Where was the crying? I'm sorry but parenthood just includes A LOT MORE CRYING.
  • And crying on the parents' part.
  • And sweating.
  • And panic, especially on the first day back to work, OMG. Reagan seemed way too relaxed.
  • And when did she have the time to put all those curls in her hair for her first day back?

I know this group and the writers only got 30 minutes (or less) to show us what they've got, and I also know a lot of the "got wrongs" may simply not make for good TV. Then again, I'm pretty sure comedic talents like Applegate and Arnett could even make crying, sweating, and panicking over parenting watchable and brilliant.

Overall, I was pleased with the premiere (wish I hadn't seen all the previews that gave away all the good lines though). I mean, I laughed a lot, found it entertaining, and I'll definitely be tuning back in for more. Keeping up the expectations though! I want more -- more of the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting. Bring it on!

Did you watch Up All Night? What'd you think? Good show about parenting or just a good, funny show?


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JaneE... JaneEyre27

First day back at work and she has perfect, artfully-done curls?  Give me a break.  The best I've done in the past 13 years is have the opportunity to brush my hair *twice* in one day instead of just once.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I watched it and I thought it was funny.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I think it should go for an hour.. Just wasn't on long enough lol. But I enjoyed it!

Steph... Stephenni

I think it's funny your very first paragraph mentions that it started at ten, too late for the overtired parent. My baby is 3 weeks old and I too have been dying to watch this. I even fooled myself all day saying "I WILL make it to 10pm!!" so uhhh yeah about that ten spot....you guessed it, I was out cold by 8:30. I guess I'll catch a rerun, given it starts by 8 :)

the3Rs the3Rs

I actually was disappointed in it.  I'm a mom of 3 kids - and the only thing I related to was the arguing over who woke up more during the night.  The commercials looked SO funny - but it didn't deliver.  Even the scene of trying to put the diaper on was tainted by the fact that they were mostly having trouble because they were so hungover - which is something I've never done - nor has anyone I know.  :(

nonmember avatar me

I would imagine that with a stay at home husband getting curls in your hair would be easier. I was a single mom when my daughter was an infant and I got myself put together. so, seems like with a husband it would be a breeze. Course, it was when she got older that I found it harder to get things done.

mami2... mami2emily

I loved it. As young parents we have endured almost EVERYTHING they passed on the show. With my 1st daughter she was a perfect baby, never fussed, on schedule, sleeping through the night by 2 wks old. it was great. Now with my son, I have had to take care of him after a day of partying.

Emily Jarrell

I thought it was pretty funny but definitely did not understand the curls at work.  My hair has not been out of a ponytail for approximately 5 months, 3 weeks and 5 days.  

ChellS77 ChellS77

I went back to work when my daughter was 2 months old. My husband worked third shift, so was up when I was leaving for work. I've never had an issue curling or straightening my hair for work, so I don't see what the big deal is about that. Little detail, just because everyone can't relate doesn't mean no one can.

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