'Breaking Dawn' Pre-Sale Tickets Are a Must-Have for True Twi-Hards

Breaking Dawn Bella Edward Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonOkay, Twi-hards, so you saw the first Breaking Dawn: Part 1 movie trailer, and then yesterday, the second, even more mind-blowing movie trailer came out. So now there's nothing left to do but reload the trailers and play them over and over again, as we wait around for Friday, November 18, when the movie opens in theaters, right? Wrong!

It was just announced that pre-sale tickets to the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 movie go on sale Saturday, October 1! That's just a bit over two weeks from now.

Did anyone else's eager fangs just pop out?


So where can you buy these advance tickets anyway? Pre-sale tickets to Breaking Dawn: Part 1 are set go on sale on Fandango on October 1. That means you'll have just short of seven weeks to get your hands on a pair before the movie opens in theaters. Of course, if you're hoping to be there with all the other Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Cullen family lookalikes on Opening Night, you better get in there and buy your tickets early. Like really early. I'm sure Opening Night tickets will be HOT and sell out fast.

Boy, am I thirsty now. Really really thirsty.

Will you be getting pre-sale tickets to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1?


Image via Summit

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